Dr. Imran Haque Internist at Horizon Internal Medicine in Asheboro, North Carolina

Dr. Imran Haque, Horizon Internal Medicine, is an internist in Asheboro, North Carolina. He has patients who he serves as their primary care physician, but also patients that come to him for a specific problem and treatment of same.


As a primary care physician, he diagnoses common ailments and will then provide a referral to a specialist if it is necessary. He will also treat those with common problems in his office. He has a laboratory as well as being able to provide ultrasound service in the office.


Dr. Imran Haque’s services include treatment for Diabetes in which he can offer different options to the patient, help with weight management for those who are overweight, which may be causing health issues, laser hair removal, 360 resurfacing and Venus body contouring. They perform complete physical exams and offer Botox treatments.


Dr. Imran Haque and Horizon Internal Medicine will accept most of the major insurance plans available. The patient may call his office for a complete list of the insurance providers that they work with. A partial list includes Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, Medicare and Medicaid, Cigna, Gateway Health, Choice Care Network, and Health Net. There are many more available with a phone call to the office.


Dr. Imran Haque has knowledge in highly specialized fields of medicine. He obtained a medical degree from Universidad Iberoamericana in Ciudad, Mexico. This University is a private institution of higher education. Their main campus is in Mexico City and the university itself has become important for students who live in the Southern regions of Mexico. They also offer the students a high school program as well as some undergraduate and postgraduate programs. He also attended the University of Virginia Internal Medicine in the Roanoke-Salem area. He has his license to practice in North Carolina and has enrolled in the Maintenance of Certification Program for Internal Medicine.


Dr. Imran Haque has seven areas of expertise which are, heartburn, checkups, immunization, vaccination, physical, weight loss, surgical and non-surgical, but his specialty is Internal Medicine.


All his patient reviews show him to be a caring, concerned man. He will let the patient talk and tell him the issues that are bothering them, then discuss the issues and the treatment.



Aloha Construction Has All Your Construction Needs

Aloha construction company has seen positive growth since its establishment. The company is serving all of Illinois and has a new website to enable homeowners to get help virtually. The aim of the firm is to build quality homes. Aloha plans to achieve the goal through an interior restoration service.


The chief executive officer of Aloha construction company is David A. Farbaky. His speech indicates the progress of the company. According to him, they have achieved their goals. In 2013, for example, Aloha construction was ecstatic about completing seven thousand projects in the state of Illinois, and they broke twenty thousand this year. They are aiming to make life easier than before for the residents of the Midwest.


Farbaky says that their growth is and has always been centered around making people more secure in their homes. He also announced the new branch of Aloha Builds Network and which will be focusing on remodeling kitchens, bathrooms, basements, interior restoration, clean-up and natural disaster aide.


Farbaky adds that they have provided remodeling services since 2008. Since then, they have done hundreds of kitchen and bathroom remodeling, making them feel ready to put a standalone team of experts in this field. This new branch was to launch early may with an office near their Lake Zurich Headquarters.


Aloha construction company was established in 2008. It is family owned and of bonded and insured General Contractors providing services for all of Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. It has two branches with Lake Zurich being the headquarters and another office in Bloomington. They are also roofers who finance just in case your insurance company is not interested in helping, and your home is damaged.


Services done by Aloha construction company include; installation, replacement and repairing the sidings of a home, channeling water around and away, Window and door replacement, screen replacement, and Fascia and Soffits replacement. They are fully licensed and insured. They offer a craftsmanship warranty of ten years.



Todd Lubar: Why TDL Global Ventures

Todd Lubar has worked in real estate and finance since 1995. His first job was working for Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator. He learned a lot a Crestar, in particular, he learned about conservative mortgage banking. His time with Crestar was an invaluable experience.

In 1999, he took an equity position with Legacy Financial Group. At Legacy Financial, Lubar was given the opportunity to expand his lend capabilities. He was able to broker loans with more institutions and individuals like outside investors. He also acted as a direct mortgage bank. After working with Legacy Financial for three years, he took the next step in his career. Visit Hackronym for more info.

In 2002, he founded Legendary Properties, LLC. His company very quickly began buying, rehabbing, and selling properties. Within the first year, Legendary Properties completed over 200 transactions involving several types of properties. Todd was also able to establish multimillion-dollar lines of credit with major banking institutions.

After spending another 12 years in the industry, Lubar discovered a massively underserved market. In order to take advantage of the open opportunity, he founded Legendary Financial LLC. His new company was a commercial lending source for individuals and companies.

Todd used his own funds to help borrowers who couldn’t get loans the traditional way. In a way, he was co-signing so that they would not be overlooked by other lending sources. To date, Lubar has been involved in more than 7,000 transactions. This has allowed him to hone his ability to analyze market risks for any loan scenario. Check out Affiliatedork for the details.

Todd Lubar is a shining example of someone reaching for the stars and succeeding. Although his story is inspirational, it can’t really inspire people the way other successful people’s stories can. Mr. Lubar carved his own path to success, and no one can copy what he did.

Everything he did in his career all led to him establishing a company like TDL Global Ventures. He learned about the industry and knew exactly what moves to make and when to make them. TDL Global Ventures is his greatest success.

See more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/todd-lubar-a3330565/

Cotemar Mexico – Decisive Growth and Long-term Success

One of largest companies in Mexico that are a part of the oil and gas industry is called Cotemar Mexico. It is entirely Mexican and has been in the business for many years.



Cotemar Mexico was established more than forty years ago in early 1997. Cotemar Mexico is a very strong and sough after provider for companies working in the oil and gas sector. It has been doing that since 1981 when the corporation made a transition in business. At first, the large corporation was a part of the energy sector and it provided only a fraction of the services that it has come to provide today.



The first expansion of Cotemar Mexico happened in 1981. It began to offer a new service – transportation. That largely increased the growth and the amount of clients the company of Cotemar Mexico was serving. The corporation started proving transport not only for material but for employees as well. Only a few years after that in 1985, Cotemar Mexico made a major addition to their equipment and purchased the first rig that the company has ever owned. That was a proud achievement for the business which put into motion another spurt of growth. The growth enabled the steadily growing company to expand their service a lot further and so Cotemar Mexico added catering to their services as well as accommodation. More and more businesses in the gas and oil sector began to take advantage of the services of Cotemar Mexico.



In 1988, there was yet another major growth for the company of Cotemar Mexico. The corporation acquired more equipment purchasing five more rigs. The company had enough resources to purchase a few other specialized vessels as well. That was the final step for the company of Cotemar Mexico in their trying to have as solid of a ground in the oil and gas sector as possible. The company reached the near top and was fast becoming one of the largest competitors in their line of work. In 2002 Cotemar Mexico had already started providing with nearly all of the things that they are currently offering.



More recently, 2012 and 2013 were two of the most prosperous years in the history of Cotemar Mexico. The business had been growing steadily and the company started receiving a lot of recognition from institutions. During those years not only did there was an increase in revenue but Cotemar Mexico also received several awards.




The Latest Developments In Brian Bonar’s Career

Brian Bonar is a former IT manager and software developer who is now focused on investing in tech startups and the restaurant industry. He’s also taken an interest in France’s economics and foreign exchange investments in the European markets overall. He mentioned in the French Tribune that the election of the more center-left candidate Emmanuel Macron means that exchange traded funds have a chance to climb up to high net gains.

This is because France under Macron’s leadership is expected to have policies that are more friendly towards outside investments as opposed to an isolationist economy that Macron’s former rival nationalist Marie LePen was advocating. Bonar has investments in ETFs and he’s found ways to use technology in business and accounting applications.

Brian Bonar grew up in Scotland many years ago and his first love was mechanics and machinery. He received a degree in mechanical engineering from James Watt College while also completing a business administration degree at Strathclyde University. He was a procurement manager that provided motherboards and special hardware to IBM UK’s clients for 17 years, and then became a software engineer manager for QMS Inc.

He relocated from Scotland to California and started focusing on printing, office equipment, and outsourced accounting through AMS Outsourcing and Allegiant Professional Services. Bonar started working on improving printing technology while working for Adaptec and Rastek companies, and then had a SCSI printer built at Bezier Systems.

Bonar came to San Diego and joined a team of entrepreneurs to combine his printing development and software engineering endeavors into one large service company known as ITEC Imaging Technologies. The company started making it possible for small and mid-sized businesses to lease office equipment and have it managed by ITEC’s professional service team. It was around this time that Brian Bonar began bringing in professional employer organization programs into ITEC, and the company became partners with the Solvis Group and SourceOne.

In 2004, ITEC was renamed the Dalrada Financial Corporation and it’s focus turned immediately to PEO services and selling employee benefits packages. Bonar wore many hats during his time running this company as Chairman, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer and CEO.

Around 2013, Bonar started stepping down from the top management tasks at Dalrada and started a subsidiary company known as TRUCEPT, which bought out Smart-Tek solutions to use automated software and analytics in its accounting services.

He also began buying up small restaurants in San Diego and began turning them into profitable fine dining places that had customers raving about the food. He even hired Patrick Ponsaty, an acclaimed Master Chef of France who has won many awards for his work to come be the head chef at Bellamy’s and Bandy Canyon Ranch.


BMW’s all around the world at Beverly Hills Auto

The benefits of buying a used BMW vs a new one is that the pricing is almost cut in half at Beverly Hills Auto if that of a new one. A new 2017 BMW depending on the model can range anywhere from $33,000 to $145,000. Now keep in mind that’s depending on the model. Some of the most popular models are the 3 series the 7 series and the X series. Places like Beverly Hills Auto Group are experts in the BMW world and will insure that you are getting the best price for a used car.

Beverly Hills Auto Group they have the best selection in used BMW’s , also they are known to have the best pricing for the right series. When deciding if Beverly Hills Auto is worth buying a car from them ,as the finance department has 48 lenders to get you the right price.

The Madison Street Capital Company: The Best of its Kind

The Madison Capital Company is the United State’s principal real estate operative and investment company and is broadly known for transposition and procuring urban high-class retailers and properties that are mixed use in all energetic markets, which includes the ones that are located in gateway cities, like New York. The company has worked on target fabricating income and assessment opportunities added that are growing and absorbing neighborhoods, which the company hopes to employ an intensive and well-ordered loom to its vast and fast-growing investments. With the quantity and requirement of innate individualities in urban selling, this strengthperiodbargains captivating risk and regulated returns of investment.


Through the years, the Madison Capital Company has managed to grow its investment portfolio progressively.Since firm’s foundation in the year of 2002, the company has been successful at acquiring one benefit at a time and gaining more than $2.5 billion of the current assets that were under the close watch of their management. The company’s plan, which is then pooled with its groundbreaking approach, creative, incorporated functional platform, and unique capital market proficiency has resulted a number of returns through various rotations of real estate.


At present, the Madison Capital Company has acquired many income producing and urban retail with value-added investments that are situated in many attractive locations with strong and credible tenants, which provide medium to long term capital appreciation and return. The company also targets established assets in all kinds of neighborhoods with a long history of steady consumer demand from office tenants, tourists, and high-income residential properties.


Through the years, the Madison Street Capital reputation, has managed to make a name for itself through their well known integrated platform features. Their highly trained staff and managerial members have a seasoned group of professionals which come from all kinds of institutional and entrepreneurial backgrounds with experiences in accounting, risk control, investor relation, real estate investments and all aspects of the real estate business, which is one of their key advantages in the company.


The company is still concentrated and focused on changing the game for the real estate business and continues to thrive in all aspects. To this day, the Madison Capital Company has managed to build more and more income through the various properties and investments that they have already put up, and are about to put up all over the United States. They also act aggressively regarding grabbing opportunities to reinvent old buildings in different kinds of communities.

To learn more, visit http://madisonstreetcapital.org/.

Understanding Julie Zuckerberg and Her Career Trajectory

Julie Zuckerberg leads the executive staffing process at Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank is an international financial institution with offices in 70 plus countries worldwide. Ms. Zuckerberg is based in the bank’s New York City office. She is a seasoned executive with top class skills and experience in the field of recruitment. Julie began her career at Hudson serving in the position of director responsible for candidate placement. She stayed at Hudson for five years, and she was responsible for hiring attorneys, case managers, subordinate staff and also paralegal team. In addition, she recruited other cadre of staff. She was responsible for providing information to successful candidates on job description, guidelines, promotion and benefits. Ms. Zuckerberg acted as a link between staff and executive team in case of work-related issues at the company. She was instrumental in ensuring issues raised by employees are resolved within the appropriate legal channels and compliance, thanks to her legal background.


Working at Citi Global Consumer Bank


This indicated her ability of counseling grieved employees, coaching and assisting in conflict resolutions. In 2007, Ms. Zuckerberg joined New York based Citi Global Consumer Bank after leaving Hudson. She was responsible for providing advisory opinion to management on different recruitment ideas and compensation trends that would keep the company above its competitors. In addition, Julie actively participated in more complex talent search and recruitment process. She was in charge global relocation and expatriate, which provided her with skills and expertise of searching for talents on the global platform. Later, Ms. Zuckerberg moved to Citi Global Functions serving the role of executive recruiter. Her excellent performance and skill sets played critical role of getting this position. In addition, she was able to learn more recruitment process in a broad and practical aspect. Experience of a recruiter plays vital role of facilitating the recruitment process, and ensuring top candidates with proven track record are hired by the company.


Julie’s Achievements at Deutsche Bank


In fact, when the right talents are hired, it is the avenue to productivity, enhanced performance and success of any company. After participating in several recruitment processes for Citi Group, Julie had acquired a wealth of skills, knowledge and experience in all departments including audit, legal, management, compliance and others. Julie joined New York Life Insurance Company where she recruited different cadre of staff and also worked with executive team to design appropriate business strategy for the company. Currently, Julie Zuckerberg is serving as Talent Acquisition Executive at Deutsche Bank. She is responsible of training and counseling recruitment experts at the company. She is in charge of highlighting the procedure of recruiting top level management team such as Managing Directors. As an Executive Talent Lead, Julie serves various roles including business management, client management, recruitment of staff and ensuring best practices are followed during recruitment. Julie Zuckerberg received her degree in Philosophy from Brooklyn College-City University of New York. She further went to study law from New York Law School. Julie’s interests include photography, traveling, running, artist work and home decoration. She is also involved human rights and animal welfare activities.



Make You Day Memorable with George Street Photo & Video

Selecting the right wedding photographer is essential, and one company worth consideration is George Street Photo & Video.

Some of their locations are truly memorable. Their office in Denver, Colorado provides couples with incredible pictures against awe-inspiring, natural backdrops. A mountainside wedding will leave an impression, but George Street will make sure it’s a lasting one.

Another location to consider is Miami. This coastal city of culture is another extraordinary place in its right, and a small ceremony on these sands is just as remarkable as a service in a rustic lodge. Whether your heart belongs to the architecture, community, or natural beauty of Miami, George Street will make sure you have something to remember it by.

George Street Photo and Video Address Locations operates in over a dozen cities all across America. Their versatile services, pricings, and locations make sure that your day to remember is a day you’ll never forget.


The Wessex Institute of Technology

Wessex Institute of technology is an organization that brings all the international people and individual firms. The main aim of the organization is to bound people together both academic wise and professionally so that they can share ideas together. The organization invites all those who are interested to have unique careers in which they want to graduate in. these ranges from Banking, business, and doctors, leaders, computing and all other courses that deals in research.

This institution is well known worldwide for its scientific researches and recruits who have graduated and they are in other counties all over the world. The Wessex Institute of technology Conferences develop people careers so they can be able to compete in the most advanced jobs that are available in all fields they are offering studies on. These careers have help to mould a person and when he or she graduates with competency and knowledge to serve in any field that is competitive.