The Latest Developments In Brian Bonar’s Career

Brian Bonar is a former IT manager and software developer who is now focused on investing in tech startups and the restaurant industry. He’s also taken an interest in France’s economics and foreign exchange investments in the European markets overall. He mentioned in the French Tribune that the election of the more center-left candidate Emmanuel Macron means that exchange traded funds have a chance to climb up to high net gains.

This is because France under Macron’s leadership is expected to have policies that are more friendly towards outside investments as opposed to an isolationist economy that Macron’s former rival nationalist Marie LePen was advocating. Bonar has investments in ETFs and he’s found ways to use technology in business and accounting applications.

Brian Bonar grew up in Scotland many years ago and his first love was mechanics and machinery. He received a degree in mechanical engineering from James Watt College while also completing a business administration degree at Strathclyde University. He was a procurement manager that provided motherboards and special hardware to IBM UK’s clients for 17 years, and then became a software engineer manager for QMS Inc.

He relocated from Scotland to California and started focusing on printing, office equipment, and outsourced accounting through AMS Outsourcing and Allegiant Professional Services. Bonar started working on improving printing technology while working for Adaptec and Rastek companies, and then had a SCSI printer built at Bezier Systems.

Bonar came to San Diego and joined a team of entrepreneurs to combine his printing development and software engineering endeavors into one large service company known as ITEC Imaging Technologies. The company started making it possible for small and mid-sized businesses to lease office equipment and have it managed by ITEC’s professional service team. It was around this time that Brian Bonar began bringing in professional employer organization programs into ITEC, and the company became partners with the Solvis Group and SourceOne.

In 2004, ITEC was renamed the Dalrada Financial Corporation and it’s focus turned immediately to PEO services and selling employee benefits packages. Bonar wore many hats during his time running this company as Chairman, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer and CEO.

Around 2013, Bonar started stepping down from the top management tasks at Dalrada and started a subsidiary company known as TRUCEPT, which bought out Smart-Tek solutions to use automated software and analytics in its accounting services.

He also began buying up small restaurants in San Diego and began turning them into profitable fine dining places that had customers raving about the food. He even hired Patrick Ponsaty, an acclaimed Master Chef of France who has won many awards for his work to come be the head chef at Bellamy’s and Bandy Canyon Ranch.


BMW’s all around the world at Beverly Hills Auto

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The Madison Street Capital Company: The Best of its Kind

The Madison Capital Company is the United State’s principal real estate operative and investment company and is broadly known for transposition and procuring urban high-class retailers and properties that are mixed use in all energetic markets, which includes the ones that are located in gateway cities, like New York. The company has worked on target fabricating income and assessment opportunities added that are growing and absorbing neighborhoods, which the company hopes to employ an intensive and well-ordered loom to its vast and fast-growing investments. With the quantity and requirement of innate individualities in urban selling, this strengthperiodbargains captivating risk and regulated returns of investment.


Through the years, the Madison Capital Company has managed to grow its investment portfolio progressively.Since firm’s foundation in the year of 2002, the company has been successful at acquiring one benefit at a time and gaining more than $2.5 billion of the current assets that were under the close watch of their management. The company’s plan, which is then pooled with its groundbreaking approach, creative, incorporated functional platform, and unique capital market proficiency has resulted a number of returns through various rotations of real estate.


At present, the Madison Capital Company has acquired many income producing and urban retail with value-added investments that are situated in many attractive locations with strong and credible tenants, which provide medium to long term capital appreciation and return. The company also targets established assets in all kinds of neighborhoods with a long history of steady consumer demand from office tenants, tourists, and high-income residential properties.


Through the years, the Madison Street Capital reputation, has managed to make a name for itself through their well known integrated platform features. Their highly trained staff and managerial members have a seasoned group of professionals which come from all kinds of institutional and entrepreneurial backgrounds with experiences in accounting, risk control, investor relation, real estate investments and all aspects of the real estate business, which is one of their key advantages in the company.


The company is still concentrated and focused on changing the game for the real estate business and continues to thrive in all aspects. To this day, the Madison Capital Company has managed to build more and more income through the various properties and investments that they have already put up, and are about to put up all over the United States. They also act aggressively regarding grabbing opportunities to reinvent old buildings in different kinds of communities.

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Understanding Julie Zuckerberg and Her Career Trajectory

Julie Zuckerberg leads the executive staffing process at Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank is an international financial institution with offices in 70 plus countries worldwide. Ms. Zuckerberg is based in the bank’s New York City office. She is a seasoned executive with top class skills and experience in the field of recruitment. Julie began her career at Hudson serving in the position of director responsible for candidate placement. She stayed at Hudson for five years, and she was responsible for hiring attorneys, case managers, subordinate staff and also paralegal team. In addition, she recruited other cadre of staff. She was responsible for providing information to successful candidates on job description, guidelines, promotion and benefits. Ms. Zuckerberg acted as a link between staff and executive team in case of work-related issues at the company. She was instrumental in ensuring issues raised by employees are resolved within the appropriate legal channels and compliance, thanks to her legal background.


Working at Citi Global Consumer Bank


This indicated her ability of counseling grieved employees, coaching and assisting in conflict resolutions. In 2007, Ms. Zuckerberg joined New York based Citi Global Consumer Bank after leaving Hudson. She was responsible for providing advisory opinion to management on different recruitment ideas and compensation trends that would keep the company above its competitors. In addition, Julie actively participated in more complex talent search and recruitment process. She was in charge global relocation and expatriate, which provided her with skills and expertise of searching for talents on the global platform. Later, Ms. Zuckerberg moved to Citi Global Functions serving the role of executive recruiter. Her excellent performance and skill sets played critical role of getting this position. In addition, she was able to learn more recruitment process in a broad and practical aspect. Experience of a recruiter plays vital role of facilitating the recruitment process, and ensuring top candidates with proven track record are hired by the company.


Julie’s Achievements at Deutsche Bank


In fact, when the right talents are hired, it is the avenue to productivity, enhanced performance and success of any company. After participating in several recruitment processes for Citi Group, Julie had acquired a wealth of skills, knowledge and experience in all departments including audit, legal, management, compliance and others. Julie joined New York Life Insurance Company where she recruited different cadre of staff and also worked with executive team to design appropriate business strategy for the company. Currently, Julie Zuckerberg is serving as Talent Acquisition Executive at Deutsche Bank. She is responsible of training and counseling recruitment experts at the company. She is in charge of highlighting the procedure of recruiting top level management team such as Managing Directors. As an Executive Talent Lead, Julie serves various roles including business management, client management, recruitment of staff and ensuring best practices are followed during recruitment. Julie Zuckerberg received her degree in Philosophy from Brooklyn College-City University of New York. She further went to study law from New York Law School. Julie’s interests include photography, traveling, running, artist work and home decoration. She is also involved human rights and animal welfare activities.



Make You Day Memorable with George Street Photo & Video

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The Wessex Institute of Technology

Wessex Institute of technology is an organization that brings all the international people and individual firms. The main aim of the organization is to bound people together both academic wise and professionally so that they can share ideas together. The organization invites all those who are interested to have unique careers in which they want to graduate in. these ranges from Banking, business, and doctors, leaders, computing and all other courses that deals in research.

This institution is well known worldwide for its scientific researches and recruits who have graduated and they are in other counties all over the world. The Wessex Institute of technology Conferences develop people careers so they can be able to compete in the most advanced jobs that are available in all fields they are offering studies on. These careers have help to mould a person and when he or she graduates with competency and knowledge to serve in any field that is competitive.

Bruce Bent – the Money Market Fund Pioneer

When thinking about investment methods, money market funds do come in mind. Money market funds otherwise commonly referred to as money market mutual funds are relatively safe, short-term investment method where investors invest in debt securities. These include commercial papers and US treasury bills. When comparing money market funds to bank deposit accounts, this would be a fairly better method since the returns are higher. The money market funds are usually regulated by the Investment Company Act of 1940, in the US, and this form of investment usually provides liquidity to different financial intermediaries.

Investors who opt for this investment plan run a lower risk of credit, market and liquidity risks. The aim of the money market fund is to help shareholders earn interest while maintaining the net asset value of 1 dollar for each share. The rule 2a-7 restricts the money market funds terms of the quality of the investment made, the time that the investment matures and also by the diversity of the market. According to these regulations, investments are supposed to mature in 13 months. In addition, the average maturity time is usually 60 days or below. The money market fund was initiated in 1971.


Bruce Bent II has a great deal of understanding when it comes to money market funds. In fact, his father was one of the founders of the first money market fund. Bruce Bent II went to Northeastern and graduated with his Bachelor’s degree. From then he went on to follow his father into the financial industry.

He currently runs a mutual fund investment company under the name the Double Rock Corporation as the president and vice chairman. He also owns other affiliates of the company, which include Access Control Advantage, Intrasweep LLC among others.

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The Philanthropy, Beliefs And Differences Made By Betsy Devos

Elisabeth Dee Betsy Devos was born in 1958. She is an American activist, politician, and philanthropist. Ms. Devos supports school choice, charter schools and programs for school vouchers. From 1992 until 1997 she was Michigan’s National Committeewoman and chairwoman for Michigan’s Republican party between 1996 and 2000. She is an advocate of the charter school system in Detroit and on the board for the Foundation for Excellence in Education. She has been the chairwoman for the Action Institute and the Alliance for School Choice and the head of the All Children Matter PAC. Follow Betsy on Twitter.

Ms. Devos is married to Dick Devos and the daughter of Richard Devos who co-founded Amway. Her brother is Erik Prince who was previously a U.S. Navy Seal. Ms. Devos spent her childhood in Holland, Michigan. She received her education at the Holland Christian High School and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree at Calvin College. She is the Windquest Groups chairman who supports clean energy, manufacturing and technology. The firm was founded in 1989 with her husband. Ms. Devos is a supported or nonprofit reforms. She is the chairman of the Family Foundation with numerous charitable interests. She is on the board for the Mars Hill Bible Church, the Foundation for Excellence in Education, the Institute for Arts Management and Kids Hope USA. She is a leader in the avocation for educational choice.

Betsy Devos became highly interested in helping low income families with their children’s education when she visited the Potter’s House Christian School. She wanted these children to learn in a safe place with an excellent atmosphere. This led to her support of the movement for educational choice. She was on the boards for two national charities in the 1990’s to increase educational choice with the use of tax credits and vouchers. The efforts of Ms. Devos and her husband led to the first charter school bill in Michigan passing in 1993. Ms. Devos and her husband informed parents regarding the voucher opportunity. They paid for time on the radio, purchased billboards and web ads and made the phone calls. They worked with community groups and parish churches to raise awareness about the program available. Her focus is still centered on educational choice. She believes children should not have to attend a specific school because it is in their zip code. She feels the technology of blended learning and digital learning will make a significant difference in educational choice. She additionally believes home schooling is another valid option. She says when parents have had enough of their inability to change where their children are able to attend school, many opt for home schooling. This puts the children’s educations back into the hands of their parents. Visit to know more about Betsy.

Listen to the Conversation of Nature without Disturbing it – Conserve it for the Next Generation

Due to the increased population, the need for additional resources, and most importantly greed of the humans have tarnished many of nature’s wealth. Now, it seems to be grabbing the astounding beauty of nature as well, and there are many examples around the world people can explain as the utter exploitation to nature itself. In the name of tourism, there are unorganized and unplanned developments is taking place in sensitive habitats, and that finally kill such areas permanently which also adversely affects its inhabitants including human beings and animals.



Uncontrolled growth of tourism is a significant threat to many naturally beautiful tourist spots. The Indonesian islands such as Pramuka Island, many Himalayan hill stations in the Indian subcontinent, forests in Africa are the right example of such exploitation. Considering the increased campaigns, people show greater importance to ecotourism and conservation of nature in the recent years. A coordinated work among the countries is required in this regard, and that should be driven by the results rather than any general discussion forum. Environmental organizations can play a significant role in such movements and work as a link between nature enthusiasts from different countries and help them to come up with campaigns and activism.



Eco-friendly and conservation centered initiatives are an excellent choice for protecting nature from humans. It includes developmental projects suitable for those areas without disturbing the habitats, restricting people from sensitive areas, separate land codes for areas where wildlife is critical, etc. Many nature lovers are forming groups to increase the awareness among people and to initiative activism. One such group is Wild Ark, an organization created by a group of environmental activists to educate people the importance of protecting nature and planet for the coming generations.



The organization was founded by Sophie and Mark Hutchinson, and they work together to find the possible threats on wild places and working on strategies to impact it positively. It identifies the green belts around the world and protects its biodiversity by conserving the wildlife and reconnecting people to nature. The organization is actively involved in preserving the oceans, forests and biodiversity in Africa, reefs around the world including Great Barrier Reef, and more.


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How Copa Star is dedicated to being a Top Healthcare Provider

Copa Star is a medical facility that has gained recognition across the globe due to its commitment to offering top-notch services to its patients. The hospital is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and it kicked off its operation in November 2016. Copa Star has built an excellent reputation for offering luxury and advanced medical care to the patients who seek its services. The comfortable environment that it provides has never been in any hospital that is based in Rio de Janeiro. The healthcare facility has invested heavily in state-of-the-art machines, equipment, and technology that allow its doctors to offer excellent services to the patients. It also has ample amenities to provide sophisticated treatments such as neurosurgery and cardiology. The relaxing environment that is provided at the medical center allows its patients to recuperate faster. Jorge Moll is one of the individuals who established the facility, and he is a top cardiologist in the region. According to him, Copa Star has made an accomplishment of implementing the five-star hotel concept in a hospital.

The modern diagnostic equipment, hybrid surgery rooms, comfortable healing suites, and outstanding customer service of Copa Star make it the most preferred hospital in Rio de Janeiro. It currently attracts patients from all over Brazil and abroad. The hospital believes that therapy and comfort are some of the factors that facilitate the healing process of an individual. It offers personalized accommodation services to its patients in five-star suites that are well decorated. The reception, hallways, and lobbies of the Copa Star are also fitted with aesthetic designs that remove the dull mood of a hospital. View the design at RAF Arquitetura.

Copa Star is also determined to be among the global centers where people can seek complex cardiac and neurological treatment. It owns facilities that are worth more than $100 million. They include MRI Machines, cardiology and neurosurgery equipment, robotic assistants, and unparalleled diagnostic centers. The hospital also runs about 59 intensive care units, which are well equipped to ensure that patients who are in critical conditions recover.

The medical facility covers about 21,000 square meters. It has hired over 500 personnel who receive regular on-the-job training on how to handle different patients. The hospital’s medical staff comprises of 113 doctor and nurses. It sources its physicians from various parts of the globe, and they are all qualified to offer world-class healthcare services. The medical facility also owns a smart hospitality program that makes it easy for the doctors to serve the patients.

Hospital Copa Star has significantly transformed how medical services are provided in Brazil. It enables patients to have top-notch health care and also live in a comfortable environment. The hospital has set standards that other medical facilities in the country are striving to reach. Read more at about Copa Star.