Kim Dao Takes a Dance Class in KPOP 2

This is part two of Kim Dao’s trip to KPOP’s SM studios. Kim Dao says she was a big fan of Bao when she was younger and loved Japanese pop bands. She’s more familiar with female groups in KPOP but not so familiar with the boy bands. At KPOP, S M Entertainment , Kim Dao got to see KPOP cards and glossy black and white photos that could be purchased. KPOP also displayed framed hand prints of the band members and sold DVD’s, CD’s, and vinyl discs of the KPOP bands. One shop was like a grocery store; it sold coffee beans and energy drinks. Kim Dao walked into a store selling wooden stamp blocks, stationery, KPOP caps, jewelry, wallets, wigs, and more. Another shop displayed the costumes that KPOP band members wore when performing. Learn more:


The dance hall where KPOP performed and held auditions was on the sixth floor of SM Studios. Kim Dao joined her group for some dance lessons. They started of bent over with their legs stretched out to the sides. They straightened up and walked one giant step to the left with their left legs and followed with their right legs. The group was taught hand movements. Kim Dao felt a little bit confused. Some of the dance steps required them to slouch a little and straighten up. They had a movement with their arms that looked liked they were pulling a string up with one hand a string down with the other. Dao was exhausted.