How Julia Jackson Prepared For Her Leadership Role At Jackson Family Wines

Julia JacksonJulia Jackson was born in 1988 into a family that had a passion for growing grapes and producing wine. Her father, Jess Jackson, was the founder of Jackson Family Wines. She has memories of some of her time as a child involving picking and sorting grapes in the heat of the summer. One of the big lessons he imparted on her and her sister was to work hard and appreciate that is the way people find success. Now the Proprietor of Jackson Family Wines, Julia Jackson prepared for this role through her education. She obtained a bachelor’s degree at Scripps College in 2010. In that same year she also became a student at the Stanford Graduate School of Business where she completed a certificate program in general management. She is involved in many aspects of the company including marketing and international sales.

Julia JacksonJackson Family Wines sources its wine from several areas around the world. This includes California as well as vineyards in Oregon. Other nations they have vineyards in includes Australia, Italy, France, Chile, and South Africa. They have many brands of wine for sale across the world. Among these are the ones they produce in Napa, California. This includes brands like Freemark Abbey, Bootleg, Cardinale, La Jota, and others. In order to support other women who are trying to make a positive difference in the world, Julia Jackson and her sister established a nonprofit called Cambria Seeds of Empowerment. Each year they award one woman a $100,000 cash grant who is making a difference. Julia has said that the business world, including the wine business, is dominated by men in leadership positions. Julia and her sister want to support women who are both successful in business and are authentic.

Understanding Julie Zuckerberg and Her Career Trajectory

Julie Zuckerberg leads the executive staffing process at Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank is an international financial institution with offices in 70 plus countries worldwide. Ms. Zuckerberg is based in the bank’s New York City office. She is a seasoned executive with top class skills and experience in the field of recruitment. Julie began her career at Hudson serving in the position of director responsible for candidate placement. She stayed at Hudson for five years, and she was responsible for hiring attorneys, case managers, subordinate staff and also paralegal team. In addition, she recruited other cadre of staff. She was responsible for providing information to successful candidates on job description, guidelines, promotion and benefits. Ms. Zuckerberg acted as a link between staff and executive team in case of work-related issues at the company. She was instrumental in ensuring issues raised by employees are resolved within the appropriate legal channels and compliance, thanks to her legal background.


Working at Citi Global Consumer Bank


This indicated her ability of counseling grieved employees, coaching and assisting in conflict resolutions. In 2007, Ms. Zuckerberg joined New York based Citi Global Consumer Bank after leaving Hudson. She was responsible for providing advisory opinion to management on different recruitment ideas and compensation trends that would keep the company above its competitors. In addition, Julie actively participated in more complex talent search and recruitment process. She was in charge global relocation and expatriate, which provided her with skills and expertise of searching for talents on the global platform. Later, Ms. Zuckerberg moved to Citi Global Functions serving the role of executive recruiter. Her excellent performance and skill sets played critical role of getting this position. In addition, she was able to learn more recruitment process in a broad and practical aspect. Experience of a recruiter plays vital role of facilitating the recruitment process, and ensuring top candidates with proven track record are hired by the company.


Julie’s Achievements at Deutsche Bank


In fact, when the right talents are hired, it is the avenue to productivity, enhanced performance and success of any company. After participating in several recruitment processes for Citi Group, Julie had acquired a wealth of skills, knowledge and experience in all departments including audit, legal, management, compliance and others. Julie joined New York Life Insurance Company where she recruited different cadre of staff and also worked with executive team to design appropriate business strategy for the company. Currently, Julie Zuckerberg is serving as Talent Acquisition Executive at Deutsche Bank. She is responsible of training and counseling recruitment experts at the company. She is in charge of highlighting the procedure of recruiting top level management team such as Managing Directors. As an Executive Talent Lead, Julie serves various roles including business management, client management, recruitment of staff and ensuring best practices are followed during recruitment. Julie Zuckerberg received her degree in Philosophy from Brooklyn College-City University of New York. She further went to study law from New York Law School. Julie’s interests include photography, traveling, running, artist work and home decoration. She is also involved human rights and animal welfare activities.



Julie Zuckerberg | A Role Model for All Women Lokoking to Join the Recruitment Industry

A great management team is equal to company success. Saying this is easy but actually getting great talent to be on your team is the hard part. You need to be held hand by a highly-talented executive recruiter. Not only do they have an expansive network that expose you to a wider pool of talent, in comparison to contacts held by in-house human resource department. Rather, they help you save cost associated with recruiting, screening and coaching. Also, with their ability for speedy deliveries, they ensure that less time, with an unfilled vacancy, is wasted. Other than, they help you maintain confidentiality of the post to be filled, until the time is right. This is exactly what Julie Zuckerberg does. She deals in the recruitment and placement of top management talent for companies in New York.


Julie Zuckerberg is one those women that are just hard to go by unnoticed. She is the fierce type who is not afraid to pursue an industry that is dominated by men.


Currently, Julie Zuckerberg works for the Deutsche Bank, where she was appointed in the year 2014. For about a year since her appointment, she served in the capacity of the bank’s vice president, Executive recruiter and talent acquisition head. A year later saw her get promoted to the position of the Executive Talent Acquisition lead.


Prior to joining the Deutsche bank, Julie Zuckerberg worked the New York Life Insurance Company. As the company’s executive recruiter and corporate vice president, she was assigned the role of managing the team placed in charge of recruitment. She was also in charge of screening candidates who had been recruited by the company.


Julie Zuckerberg has worked for a number of various popular companies, assuming top positions. Her Career started in New York where she worked at Hudson. Hers was to manage candidate placements. She would help law firms, banks and other sorts of companies, in varying industries, obtain virtually every type of talent including temporary staff. After she had overseen the recruitment processes, she would coach the new employees of the changes to expect and how to handle them. She was particularly concerned in coaching employees of the available opportunities and worker’s compensation. Julie Zuckerberg was also in charge of resolving conflicts arising between employees and employers. She held this job for five years, before leaving to work Citi Global Functions.


She was assigned the role of hiring top level talent for various departments including audit, compliance and the legal function of the company. She was to change the recruitment processes of the company for the better. She advocated for the use of social media and website networking as a means for recruitment. Four years down the line, her hard work was recognized and she was promoted to be in charge of recruitment of senior management personnel including directors and managers.

Malini Saba Is Someone to Look up Too in Life

When I think of businesswoman and investor Malini Saba, I think of someone who’s overcame adversity and captured success, with a great moral compass to match. To me, Malini Saba as an individual is shining confirmation that the American Dream is still alive and well. She’s achieved everyone of her goals through hard work and dedication, nothing was handed to her. That’s probably what I like most about Saba, as I too come from humble beginnings. She’s reached a level of success most of us only dream of.


Saba was born and raised in Australia. Before her 20th birthday Saba became an immigrant when she moved to the United States with just $200 to her name. Talk about a leap of faith. I don’t even travel more than 50 miles without at least $300 in my pocket. Once in the U.S. she and her husband managed to obtain a place of residence that they struggled to keep every month the rent was due. Despite Saba and her husband struggling financially they still managed to pursue their education at Stanford University, where Saba first thought of becoming an investor. Saba would also crash meet-ups of investment bankers around the city. She claims she learned more about investing conversing with the attendees than she ever did in her time spent in the classroom.


Saba is considered by most to be one of the top female investors in the world, not to mention, she may be the quintessential investor of South Asian descent as well. Though I would imagine much more than women of South Asian descent look up to Saba.


I know most people admire Saba for her business accomplishments, but I’ve always admired her the most for her endeavors as a philanthropist. Saba really gives off the vibe of someone who truly cares about other people. A quality I definitely don’t take likely. Saba has contributed funds to several charities and non-profit organizations, and even started her own in 2001. “Stree: Global Investments in Women,” is a non-profit organization committed to finding solutions to the troubles that plague financially stressed women and children globally, including the way they perceive themselves. In 2016, Stree donated over $370,000 to victims of the Ecuador Earthquake.


To learn more about Maili Saba click here


Helane Morrison Desires To Help The Public

There is a new investment firm that has been started by Helane Morrison. This new investment firm is called Hall Capital Partners. It is specifically for people that have been in turmoil after the bad economic crash in the late 2000s. Helane did a lot of research, and she realized that many investment firms were aware of what was going on. This investment firms took money from innocent people while promising them the world. However, these individuals, only wanting to make the right investment, were cheated out of their money.

Helane Morrison is doing things a lot different now. For one, she is not just investing with any company that has a beautiful building and nice commercials. Before even speaking with her clients, these companies must show Helane that they are worthy of the investment. They can do this in a number of ways. For starters, Helane would like to know how many investors made their money back within six months of their investment. If the number is too low, Helane has no problem moving on to the next best investment. Helane cannot take any chances of causing any of her clients grief. After all, this is why she got into this business in the first place.

Helane Morrison studied both law and finances in college. After being an intern and working at various law firms, Helane developed a heart to help her government. She landed a job helping the government find and prosecute faulty businesses that take investments from people and give them nothing back in return. Helane could not believe how many companies were involved in this type of scam.

Helane then started her own firm for people wanted to make legitimate investments. She was sure to keep a list of all the companies that stole money from people in the past so she would remember not to work with these companies. Additionally, she knew all the signs to watch out for to know if a company was fake or not. Helane believed people would now get the chance to freely invest in a company that would help them make something back on their investment. To date, Helane has never failed a client and does not plan for this to happen.