The Latest Developments In Brian Bonar’s Career

Brian Bonar is a former IT manager and software developer who is now focused on investing in tech startups and the restaurant industry. He’s also taken an interest in France’s economics and foreign exchange investments in the European markets overall. He mentioned in the French Tribune that the election of the more center-left candidate Emmanuel Macron means that exchange traded funds have a chance to climb up to high net gains.

This is because France under Macron’s leadership is expected to have policies that are more friendly towards outside investments as opposed to an isolationist economy that Macron’s former rival nationalist Marie LePen was advocating. Bonar has investments in ETFs and he’s found ways to use technology in business and accounting applications.

Brian Bonar grew up in Scotland many years ago and his first love was mechanics and machinery. He received a degree in mechanical engineering from James Watt College while also completing a business administration degree at Strathclyde University. He was a procurement manager that provided motherboards and special hardware to IBM UK’s clients for 17 years, and then became a software engineer manager for QMS Inc.

He relocated from Scotland to California and started focusing on printing, office equipment, and outsourced accounting through AMS Outsourcing and Allegiant Professional Services. Bonar started working on improving printing technology while working for Adaptec and Rastek companies, and then had a SCSI printer built at Bezier Systems.

Bonar came to San Diego and joined a team of entrepreneurs to combine his printing development and software engineering endeavors into one large service company known as ITEC Imaging Technologies. The company started making it possible for small and mid-sized businesses to lease office equipment and have it managed by ITEC’s professional service team. It was around this time that Brian Bonar began bringing in professional employer organization programs into ITEC, and the company became partners with the Solvis Group and SourceOne.

In 2004, ITEC was renamed the Dalrada Financial Corporation and it’s focus turned immediately to PEO services and selling employee benefits packages. Bonar wore many hats during his time running this company as Chairman, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer and CEO.

Around 2013, Bonar started stepping down from the top management tasks at Dalrada and started a subsidiary company known as TRUCEPT, which bought out Smart-Tek solutions to use automated software and analytics in its accounting services.

He also began buying up small restaurants in San Diego and began turning them into profitable fine dining places that had customers raving about the food. He even hired Patrick Ponsaty, an acclaimed Master Chef of France who has won many awards for his work to come be the head chef at Bellamy’s and Bandy Canyon Ranch.