Cotemar Mexico – Decisive Growth and Long-term Success

One of largest companies in Mexico that are a part of the oil and gas industry is called Cotemar Mexico. It is entirely Mexican and has been in the business for many years.



Cotemar Mexico was established more than forty years ago in early 1997. Cotemar Mexico is a very strong and sough after provider for companies working in the oil and gas sector. It has been doing that since 1981 when the corporation made a transition in business. At first, the large corporation was a part of the energy sector and it provided only a fraction of the services that it has come to provide today.



The first expansion of Cotemar Mexico happened in 1981. It began to offer a new service – transportation. That largely increased the growth and the amount of clients the company of Cotemar Mexico was serving. The corporation started proving transport not only for material but for employees as well. Only a few years after that in 1985, Cotemar Mexico made a major addition to their equipment and purchased the first rig that the company has ever owned. That was a proud achievement for the business which put into motion another spurt of growth. The growth enabled the steadily growing company to expand their service a lot further and so Cotemar Mexico added catering to their services as well as accommodation. More and more businesses in the gas and oil sector began to take advantage of the services of Cotemar Mexico.



In 1988, there was yet another major growth for the company of Cotemar Mexico. The corporation acquired more equipment purchasing five more rigs. The company had enough resources to purchase a few other specialized vessels as well. That was the final step for the company of Cotemar Mexico in their trying to have as solid of a ground in the oil and gas sector as possible. The company reached the near top and was fast becoming one of the largest competitors in their line of work. In 2002 Cotemar Mexico had already started providing with nearly all of the things that they are currently offering.



More recently, 2012 and 2013 were two of the most prosperous years in the history of Cotemar Mexico. The business had been growing steadily and the company started receiving a lot of recognition from institutions. During those years not only did there was an increase in revenue but Cotemar Mexico also received several awards.