Revolutionary Hair Care System

Wen by Chaz is a very revolutionary hair care system that is changing the way that women across the country are shampooing, conditioning, and styling their hair. The product is the creation of Chaz Dean. Chaz Dean always had a growing interest in natural living and healthy living.

Consequently, he applied this philosophy to his hair care products. Only products that were natural and rich with healthy ingredients were applied to his client’s hair. Women love the product because it replaces several hair care products that are regularly applied to their hair.

Why It’s Unique

Certainly, there are several things that make the Wen by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner very unique. First, it is a 5 in 1 formula. This product is designed to take the place of the shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave in conditioner, and detangler.

After shampooing, women note that the product does not produce lather like other shampoo formulas.  The fact is that the lather is produced by harmful sulfates that rob the hair of precious moisture. Wen by Chaz does not contain harmful sulfates or chemicals.

Natural Ingredients

Read the ingredients that are included on a number of shampoos and conditioners found in retail stores. It is easy to discover that most contain harmful sulfates and chemical ingredients that are difficult to pronounce. On the other hand, Wen by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner contains natural products like;

  • Glycerin – This natural product adds plenty of moisture to dry hair
  • Chamomile Extract – This ingredient is designed to soothe those frizzy fly away hairs and smooth the texture.
  • Wild Cherry Bark – This is a natural ingredient that nourishes the hair
  • Rosemary Extract – This ingredient will add a healthy shine and body to the hair
  • Panthenol – This ingredient stenghthens the hair

Wen By Chaz

There are many imitators on the market. However, Wen by Chaz is the original and truly unique cleansing conditioner system that was created by Chaz Dean. This system is great at getting the hair clean without messy lather.  At one time, the system was only available in Chaz Dean’s salon. Today, it is easy to get your hands on the haircare system and use it at home to achieve salon like results.

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What Are The Benefits of Refinancing Automobiles?

A person who has trouble with his or her car loans might ask, “How do I slash my payments?” Well, one of the best solutions is automobile refinancing.


Refinancing your vehicle allows you to pay less money on your car loans, and may even allow you to pay them off faster. So if you would like to learn more about automobile refinancing then here’s what you need to know.


It Allows You to Take Advantage of Lower Interest Rates


For example, if you purchased your car at a period when interest rates were high then you will be able to lower your rates by refinancing your automobile during a period when the interest rates are low. This will, in effect, slash your payments and more importantly reduce the total interest that you will need to pay on your car loan.


It Allows You to Take Advantage of An Improved Credit Situation


Another benefit of automobile refinancing is that it allows you to take advantage of improved credit ratings. If your current credit situation is better compared to what it was when you bought your car, refinancing your car will allow you to take advantage of lower interest rates, which in turn will lead to lower monthly payments.


It Allows You to Shorten Your Loan Term


Another benefit of vehicle refinancing is that it allows you to re-apply for short term loans. If your financial situation has improved, or if you have increased your income, then you can change your long term car loan into a shorter one. Yes, you will need to pay more monthly, but if your financial situation has improved then it’s quite likely that your interest rates would have gone down as well, which means that you will be able to pay off your loans faster without having to worry about high interest rates.


Where Can You Quality Get Automobile Refinancing?


Ignition Financial offers affordable and competitive automobile refinancing. Not only do they offer lower interest rates for their automobile refinancing packages, they can also help you take advantage of your credit situation to lower your car loan payments.


In conclusion, it is very important to get a refinance loan for you car. It can save you a lot of money in the long run. By refinancing your car loan, you can lower your payment, and it will also decrease the amount of interest that you will have to pay on the loan. If your credit situation has improved during the time you have owned the car, you will also be able to get a lower interest rate and pay less money on interest. A shorter loan term may also be available which will allow you to pay the car off sooner and save money.


Math Whiz And Attorney Anthony Petrello Is On Top Of The Oil Industry These Days

A college roommate of Anthony Petrello was blown away when he discovered Tony’s name sitting on top of the “highest-paid” list. Tony’s total compensation for being the CEO of Nabors Industries was more than $68 million in 2015. Nabors Industries is the world’s largest land-based gas and oil-drilling contractor. Petrello and Nabors have developed a close relationship with the government of Saudi Arabia. Business is booming in spite of the drop in oil consumption.

New Jersey native, Anthony Petrello, excelled in mathematics when he was growing up. He was considered a genius by the world-renowned mathematician, Professor Serge Lang. Tony was a typical Yale college student, except for the fact that he could scribble complicated math equations on greasy napkins during his freshman year at Yale. Tony continued his love affair with math on Wikipedia, and he earned a B.S. and an M.S. from Yale. Petrello surprised a lot of folks when he enrolled in Harvard Law School and received a law degree.  He was named chief operating officer and president of Nabors industries. In 2012, he became Chairman of the Board. Today, Petrello is the Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman of Executive Committee of Nabors Industries. The word on the street is, Petrello is responsible for Nabors Industries success. Anthony Petrello is also the director of Texas Children’s Hospital and a director of Stewart & Stevenson’s Executive Committee.

Tony and Cynthia Petrello have spent an extraordinary amount of time at the Texas Children’s Hospital. Tony married his college girlfriend, Cynthia Carrafa after he completed school. Carrafa was a soap opera star and producer. According to Tony’s college roommate, writer Lloyd Grove, they were meant for each other. Cynthia was a match for Petrello because she had style, class, and a great personality. See:

The reason Tony and Cynthia spent a lot of time at the hospital was due to daughter, Carena’s birth issues. Carena was delivered at 24 weeks, and she only weighed 20 ounces. The doctors diagnosed Carena with periventricular leukomalacia (PVL). PVL is a common neurological disease in premature babies. Doctors believe the condition is caused by a lack of blood or oxygen flow to the brain. Babies born with this disease usually develop cerebral palsy, and Carena was no exception. She has impaired motor skills and other fundamental development issues. Tony and Cynthia are dedicated to finding the answers to those issues. The Petrello donated $5 million to the Texas Children’s Hospital, and the Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute so some of the issues that are part of PVL can be corrected. They also promised another $2 million to the Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute

The Tony Petrello story is a true success story on Bloomberg. His story is proof that success has a dose of sorrow. It’s the sorrow that complicates life. But Petrello and his wife have the right attitude about the sorrows.

Get Updated Information About FreedomPop By Reading A Detailed Review

A recent FreedomPop review that was listed on a website was extremely informative and gave updated information about the wireless plans and Internet service plans that FreedomPop has. One of the biggest changes was to the free service plan for cell phones, which has changed from giving 500 text messages to making the text messages unlimited. Now, anyone who chooses to get the free cell phone service will always have as many text messages to use as they want. The data on the other hand has changed with the free service plan and has now been lowered to 200 MB, down from 500 MB.


Even with the deduction of the data on the free plan, FreedomPop has created all types of ways for their customers to get more data, which can be achieved by adding FreedomPop friends. Get as many people to join FreedomPop as possible to get data credits for every customer who joins and stays with FreedomPop.


The free plan is available to be used on all smartphones, even Sprint phones that have been transferred over to FreedomPop. GSM phones will only require that the customer purchase a sim card directly from FreedomPop, which is $0.99 and can be purchased from the website. The paid plan is still the same price at $10.99 and has unlimited calls and texts and still comes with 500 MB of data. Earning extra data is also possible with the paid plan, or the customer can choose to go up to the unlimited everything plan that costs $19.99 monthly.


With the unlimited everything plan, the user will get unlimited data as well as text messages and phone calls that are unlimited. Using this plan will be much easier for some people, especially teenagers who may not be able to control the amount of resources they use on their wireless plan. FreedomPop also has Wi-Fi service that is compatible with any smartphone and can be used as a substitution for the data that comes with any FreedomPop cell phone plan. The Wi-Fi service is offered at a very conservative price of only five dollars per month and is completely unlimited for any user who’ll also have access to millions of hotspots.

IAP Worldwide Records Yet Another Milestone As Company Grows Further

IAP Worldwide has for over five decades emphasized on the relevance of coming up with a unique system where companies in virtually all specialties can benefit from custom services that reflect their needs. The company has seen growth in the period they have been operational and most of the achievements made have come as a result of planning and investing in areas where many other companies have shied away from entering.

For example, IAP Worldwide has stood as a reliable company when it comes to working in austere environments, something that has motivated the U.S. government to work with them for more than three decades now. IAP has been applauded for offering support to the Army in harsh environments to allow them handle complex processes. IAP Worldwide has also been offering aviation technical support and maintenance services that have contributed to the growth of their addressable market.

The company has especially emerged effective in the maintenance and design of facilities on Hoovers across different specialties and they have come up with a community environment that allows easy customization of units to meet the needs of clients. Apart from offering housing units, IAP Worldwide has also been involved in the design and development of offices, laundries, workshops and infirmaries to mention a few.

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Kaye Scholer Represents Lender Group in IAP Worldwide Restructuring
IAP Worldwide Services to Help Implement Army’s Distributed Common Ground System

Emergency and health services
In a bid to ensure the communities IAP supports grow, the company has been involved in the provision of full support that ensure employee safety is heightened. They work with full-time staff that offers around the clock security and parking services to guests in different industries. IAP Worldwide offers administrative solutions to healthcare institutions in Europe, the U.S. and the Middle East.

Infrastructure design and maintenance
Before installing an infrastructural system, IAP Worldwide first tours the location where the client proposes the work to be done. This move is necessary as it helps the professionals to review the state of the field and the kind of integration that can work to streamline services.

They offer both 2D and 3D design and animation to make it easier for their clients to interpret and understand models. Each new project is implemented to improve prior systems and to make the project viable and beneficial to all, IAP Worldwide first involves public consultation to get what is needed to proceed seamlessly.

Fantastic Work Is Being Done By Securus Technologies

At the company, Securus Technologies, it is imperative that they make sure that the public is safe. This is a company that believes in what they do, and right now, they are working with correction facilities in an effort to prevent solve crimes, even between inmates. They use their techniques and technologies to make sure that they complete the mission they were hired to do.


They want people to know that they take the public’s safety seriously. This is why they published an article that details what they do in their company, and why it is so important to them. They also have acquired a number of comments from the correction facility official that state how pleased they are with the work that they perform. Securus wants people to see what they do at their headquarters. They invited them to a presentation where they can see the latest technologies they have created.


Since Securus Technologies is the leader in their industry, they are very proud of what they do. The government is one of them. They are known for what they do the world over. When they deal with over a million prisoners every year, they use such techniques as videos, investigations and more to ensure the safety of everyone in the facility. They come up with new ways to solve problems on a weekly basis. Their workers are professionals that believe in what they do, and they are experts at both the civil and criminal sectors of justice. This company will do even greater things in the future because it is their mission to make the world a better place for everyone.

FreedomPop is Giving People Hope

There is a lot of talk about FreedomPop. This is the company that is slowing pulling customers away from the juggernauts like Sprint and Verizon. For so long there has been a smart device industry stronghold on customers.

The days of buying entertainment and watching it on standalone devices is practically over. The millennials of this day and time are all about streaming. This is the thing that has made people appreciate what they can get with a company like FreedomPop. For $5 a month, FreedomPop will give users unlimited wireless access. It doesn’t get much better than that. In the past people may have had contracts for unlimited wireless that would result in as much as $100 or more. That is not the case anymore. There is proof that cell phone services can be a lot cheaper. This is a huge victory for all the people that may have never thought that free phone service could be a reality. Thankfully, FreedomPop has more than 12 million hot spots. This is going to be needed for all the millions of people that are planning to sign up. Some have already made it their business to sign up for these plans as they cut ties with the major cell phone carriers.

This is one of the best things that a person can do if they are tight on cash. The cell phone bill can be a huge money strain. It doesn’t take a rock scientist to know that this can become something that puts people in a place where they are living outside of their means. The cell phones are very expensive. Most people cannot afford to pay the full price so these prices for the upgrades are added to the cell phone service plans. The end results if s a hefty monthly bill with other fees that are tagged on to this. It would make a lot more sense of people to avoid the high prices of cell phones and use FreedomPop with the old phones that they already have. This is the great thing about FreedomPop. It allows people to put their older smart phones to use.

Check out this FreedomPop review to learn more

David Osio Incorporates Global Nonprofits in his Philanthropic Initiatives

Considering he is planning to expand his charitable giving efforts to the rest of the world, David Osio is the man to watch in the philanthropy arena. Making a difference and changing people’s lives has been a practice that the financial expert has held firmly for over 20 years. He has issued generous financial aid to nonprofits that work toward improving people’s lives, art, and culture. David supports communities that live close to areas that he establishes new businesses or where his existing companies are based.

Miami Symphony Orchestra

David has been a top sponsor of the Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO) for the many years he has operated as the Orchestra Board member. His joy is to get positive results from his charitable initiatives. He is happy when MISO progressively makes a noticeable impact for several years relying on donations from him, his companies, and other donors.

The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation

This foundation has benefited so much from David’s generous grants. He specifically supports the EPL events planned by the organization on an annual basis. He calls on all well-wishers to dedicate their donations towards meeting the needs of chronically sick children and conducting intensive medical research for kids.

Other beneficiaries

Nonprofits such as the UMA Foundation, the Wayuu Taya Foundation, and Fundana Foundation can now operate efficiently, thanks to David’s handsome financial aids and active support.

David Osio: the financial genius

The astute entrepreneur and seasoned leader in the financial service sector, David Osio serves as executive president of Davos Financial Group, a team of sovereign and licensed companies. Davos’ financial mission is to deliver expert asset management and unique financial advisory services. Delivering its services to a select group of customers, Davos earned respect as the first full-service financial advisory company in Venezuela.

Education and recognitions

David Osio is a graduate of Venezuela’s largest institution of higher studies called Universidad Catolica Andres Bello holding an honors degree in Law. He has a postgrad in International Banking Law from the highly respected IESA. He holds numerous prestigious accolades ranging from Movers and Shakers 2009, Medal of Honor issued by the U.S. Congress, and the highly competitive South Florida Business Leaders 2009. Learn more:

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Malini Saba Is Someone to Look up Too in Life

When I think of businesswoman and investor Malini Saba, I think of someone who’s overcame adversity and captured success, with a great moral compass to match. To me, Malini Saba as an individual is shining confirmation that the American Dream is still alive and well. She’s achieved everyone of her goals through hard work and dedication, nothing was handed to her. That’s probably what I like most about Saba, as I too come from humble beginnings. She’s reached a level of success most of us only dream of.


Saba was born and raised in Australia. Before her 20th birthday Saba became an immigrant when she moved to the United States with just $200 to her name. Talk about a leap of faith. I don’t even travel more than 50 miles without at least $300 in my pocket. Once in the U.S. she and her husband managed to obtain a place of residence that they struggled to keep every month the rent was due. Despite Saba and her husband struggling financially they still managed to pursue their education at Stanford University, where Saba first thought of becoming an investor. Saba would also crash meet-ups of investment bankers around the city. She claims she learned more about investing conversing with the attendees than she ever did in her time spent in the classroom.


Saba is considered by most to be one of the top female investors in the world, not to mention, she may be the quintessential investor of South Asian descent as well. Though I would imagine much more than women of South Asian descent look up to Saba.


I know most people admire Saba for her business accomplishments, but I’ve always admired her the most for her endeavors as a philanthropist. Saba really gives off the vibe of someone who truly cares about other people. A quality I definitely don’t take likely. Saba has contributed funds to several charities and non-profit organizations, and even started her own in 2001. “Stree: Global Investments in Women,” is a non-profit organization committed to finding solutions to the troubles that plague financially stressed women and children globally, including the way they perceive themselves. In 2016, Stree donated over $370,000 to victims of the Ecuador Earthquake.


To learn more about Maili Saba click here


The Rise From A Crisis To A Service Offered To Others

Status Labs president Darius Fisher, a leading reputation management firm is expected to speak on September, 23-25 in Las Vegas. The conference will bring together the industry best players who want to share digital and innovative solutions. Darius Fisher is expected to explain why the first page of Google search is critical to show the new first impression. According to Fisher, an individual or business search impression on Google does not change like information on a newspaper. Google search results do not change until something is done about them.


The conference which is dubbed Impact15 will feature the players with the best techniques and practices available to build business and market share growth from leading experts. Attendees will benefit from the latest tools in the industry as well as network with professionals and global leaders. Status Labs is a crisis and online reputation management firm, based in austin, which went through a reputation crisis over one year ago.


A point to note is that an individual or company has to change behavior to ensure a long lasting change in reputation. For instance, when Status Labs was under reputation crisis, the starting point was to change the leadership.


The company was ranked at number 339 on the list and was recognized for its incredible growth of 1099% between 2012 and 2015. The company has already established itself as a public relations and digital management firm which employ innovative methods to offer its services. Under the helm of Darius Fisher, the company created new digital service offering and a world-class client base that included Fortune 500 companies.

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