The Legend Of Betsy DeVos

Arguably one of the most influential politicians of today, Betsy DeVos remains an agent of change. For years, Betsy has fought for the voiceless and pushed for educational reform. Instead of being told what to do, Betsy took initiative and worked her way into the White House. Currently, Betsy DeVos serves as the United States Secretary of Education. In addition, Betsy remains an esteemed businesswoman and an avid philanthropist. With such a resume, it remains difficult for anyone to discredit her activism and enthusiasm for educational reform. In addition, Betsy holds a high-ranking position within the Republican Party. Furthermore, she won over her critics and colleagues due to her conservative values and ideology. Throughout the Republican Party, she remains respected for her policies such as school choice, charter schools, school voucher programs, and so forth. Since the 1990s, Betsy DeVos has served her party respectably. In particular, she served as chairwoman for the Michigan segment of her party for numerous years. From 1996 to 2000, she reigned supreme in the Michigan Republican Party. In fact, she won reelection in 2003.

As an avid supporter of Detroit’s charter school system, DeVos single-handedly changed the city’s school system for the better. Moreover, she has held numerous board positions throughout her career. In addition, Betsy DeVos remains a loyal and dedicated wife to her husband, Dick DeVos. Not only does the couple have billions of dollars at their disposal, they also have numerous non-profit organizations under their belt. Moreover, Dick DeVos once served as CEO of company Amway. In addition, her immediately family hails from a military background. In fact, her brother served in the U.S. Navy SEAL as an officer. Currently, he remains the founder of Blackwater USA. Moreover, her father also established an extremely successful business called the “Prince Corporation. Follow Betsy on Twitter.

Due to such prestige, it remains easy to see why Betsy DeVos and her family has received numerous awards and acknowledgments. In particular, the DeVos family has appeared in Forbes numerous times. Although Betsy and her family enjoy an insurmountable amount of wealth, they remain as giving and philanthropic as ever. Since 1989, The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has changed countless lives in their community. The premise of the foundation remains rooted in giving the youth an equal opportunity. Moreover, the organization believes this remains possible by developing leaders, transforming the community, and so forth. In addition, the organization focuses on five pillars. To remain exact, these include education, community, arts, justice, and leadership. In 2015 alone, the foundation contributed over $11.6 million dollars to charity. Furthermore, the DeVos family’s lifetime contributions remain at $139 million dollars. Therefore, Betsy DeVos selfless contributions remain uncontested and nothing short of remarkable. Check this article from

We Can Borrow a Thing Or Two From Oncotarget

Oncotarget is a traditional journal developed in 2010, and that presents current scientific innovations to the rest of the world whenever they are available. Some of the top-ranking editors in Oncotarget include but are not limited to Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny. Thus, Oncotarget keeps society in check and aware of current affairs since information from its site remains readily available to you at any time of day. Also, Oncotarget issues papers on a weekly basis, publications that are you can simply find on their website. Since personal preferences vary from one individual to the other, you can order an article on demand.

Oncotarget presents scientific findings to the consumer world so as to have them give their opinions on the same. User reviews prove to be vital since they help scientists come up with better ways of doing things. Through the journal, scientists and researchers from around the globe have been brought together so that they can speak in one voice. Some of the topics that Oncotarget centers on include natural aging, cell death, circadian rhythm, immunology, neurotarget, Neuroscience, Microbiology, autophagy, oncology, and pathology.

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The Oncotarget editorial has become so successful to the extent that it has launched another section referred to as beyond oncology. Presently, Oncotarget supports more than fifty employees; all that are deeply involved in publishing works. Due to its strong team of editors, Oncotarget can present highly researched facts and findings to the rest of the world, information that is not easily dismissible. One leading publication is that called OncoTargets and Therapy. In this paper, scientists try to show us how therapy and treatment can be made use of to deal with all types of cancers. The journal also focuses on how the above protocols affect your quality of life, your tolerance levels to treatment, as well as your level of satisfaction. Content in the publication centers on previous therapies, as well as those that are being carried out in present times, so as to derive a meaningful comparison. The journal has come at a time when the entire world has a great focus on eradicating diseases that afflict you and me. Learn more about Oncotarget at Research Gate.

InnovaCare Health Chief Administration Officer, Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides was elected the Chief Administration Officer of InnovaCare Health in 2015. She has over 20 years’ experience in the in healthcare industry after serving in government programs mostly in the Medicare and Medicaid. Over the years she has been in practice, she has made enormous contributions in managing healthcare processes, developing healthcare programs and focusing her expertise on improving efficiency in service delivery and organizational infrastructure.


Previous Positions and Responsibilities

Before being elected the CAO of InnovaCare, Penelope was serving as the Chief Operating Officer with the same organization. She was also the Chief Officer of Aveta Inc. and also acted as the Vice-President of Clinical Operations in the organization. She has also served as the Chief Operating Officer and the Executive Vice President at Centerlight Health Care. In this capacity, Kokkinides was in charge of overall management and strategic direction of the care division.

She was also the COO at Touchstone Health and the Care and Disease Management at AmeriChoice, which is a UnitedHealth Groups business unit. In this position, Penelope spearheaded the development and implementation of the company’s health model.

Penelope’s Secret to Success

In her position, Penelope spends a lot of time on the road, and it is when she is on the road, or air that she finds her peace. She believes working together with her team helps her, develop not only ideas but also implement them. To her, teamwork is a two way where they can rely on her, and she also relies on them. Penelope Kokkinides also takes most of her free time, which is usually at night; thinking of what she can do to make things move forward and what needs to be done.

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Education Background

Penelope Kokkinides had a degree in biological sciences and classical languages from the University of Binghamton and attended New York University for masters in social network. She also attended the Columbia University of Public Health where she received postmaster’s program in alcohol and substance abuse and master’s in public health. Read more about her interview on Ideamensch

About InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare is a North American healthcare provider which focuses on providing quality patient-power relationships. The company operates two care plans, the Medicare Advantage and Medicaid Programs and Provider Networks. Through this two plan, InnovaCare is able to quality and accessible healthcare services to all patients.

The organization performs under strong leadership, corporate integrity and results-oriented goals which enable them to achieve the end goal, quality medical care.

Lifeline Screening And The Effect On Longevity

Lifeline Screening is a procedure that offers various screening and diagnostic tests for medical purposes. All of the results are then made available to the individual’s personal doctor for evaluation so proper treatment can be prescribed as needed.

Lifeline Screening has three basic ways to screen an individual for potential health issues. They are by ultrasound, a finger-stick blood test, and a limited electrocardiograph. These are all non-invasive in nature and do not require any major preparation at all.

The ultrasound is the same system that a pregnant mom would use to discover the sex of the baby. Sound waves are directed at the part of the body where medical technicians wish to view, and images of the internal organs are displayed. It is even possible to see the flow of blood through the veins and arteries.

With sophisticated ultrasound technology, it is possible to see any obstructions that might impede the blood flow in veins and arteries. The carotid artery in the neck and the aorta to the heart and its various sub-arteries into the heart are very capable of becoming plugged with plaque. Any indication of blockage would be something that a person’s physician would want to know about.

The blood test only requires a few drops of blood to create a full lipid blood panel which will measure the levels of the HDL (good cholesterol) and the LDL (bad cholesterol). Triglyceride levels and glucose levels are also measured. The glucose level or the amount of blood sugar a person has is indicative of possible diabetes if the level is too high. Liver enzyme levels also are indicative of possible liver disease.

The limited electrocardiograph shows how the heart is working, especially if there are any rhythmic disorders. A common problem in this area is atrial fibrillation or A-Fib. A-Fib is an irregular heartbeat which can cause blood clots to form which can cause a stroke.

When the screening results of these tests are given to an individual’s personal doctor, an evaluation and recommendations can be made correctly based on these screenings.

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George Soros Restarts to Fund Democratic Causes

George Soros is one of the most respected investors. He is the founder of Soros Fund Management. George was born in Hungary. However, he had to flee the country owing to the Nazi occupation. Soros funded his own education at the London School of Economics by working as a waiter and railway porter. George started his career in finance by working for merchant bank. Later, Soros moved to New York where he joined Wall Street. In 1969, Soros started his own hedge fund with $12 million in capital. Later, the hedge fund was rebranded to Quantum Fund. In 1992, he bet against the British Pound making a huge fortune. To this end, Soros is often referred as the man who broke the Bank of England. Soros is regarded as one of the most experienced expert in matters investment. George has been investing through his firm, Soros Fund Management. The company has over $30 billion in assets. In 2017, he hired one of the most prominent women in Wall Street, Dawn Fitzpatrick, to manage his investment portfolio. Presently, she serves as Soros Fund Management’s chief investment officer. Over the years, Soros has maintained his unwavering support for liberal causes. Read more about George’s life story at

After being away from politics for a while, George Soros reemerged in 2016. He has committed more than $25 million in support of Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid. According to his associates and records maintained by the Federal Election Commission, George has been funding different democratic candidates and the party’s initiatives. In 2004, he donated $27 million to the Democratic Party with the objective of defeating President George Bush. A number of his associates note that they expect Soros, who has accumulated a big fortune of close to $24.9 billion through currency trades, to increase his political donations as the Election Day approaches. Initially, Soros had planned to attend his first Democratic Convention to watch Clinton receive her nomination. However, he could not make it to the convention considering that he was monitoring Europe’s economic situation. Individuals close to him assert that in the recent months, he has devoted more of his time to political matters. Soros’s increased political commitment was motivated by his faith in Clinton and the fear of Donald Trump’s presidency. Soros posited that Trump was doing the job of ISIS by raising fears. Soros and Clinton have been friends for over two decades. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

Michael Vachon, George Soros’ political advisor noted that Soros has been a staunch supporter of Democratic causes. He went on to posit that the political stakes were exceptionally high due to the hostility arising from the Republican Party as they disregard most of the issues that Soros cares about. These issues include religious tolerance, criminal justice reform, and immigration reform. Know more:

Reaching Jeremy L. Goldstein and other top Lawyers Has Just Become Easier with the LRIS Portal

Whether you are seeking legal help in dealing with a criminal issue, writing your will, or child custody matters, you can now easily find an experienced lawyer online. The New York State Bar Association partnered with (an organization that provides referral management technology for people in the legal industry) to develop a trusted online referral and information service that allows individuals to quickly find attorneys.


How the Online Service Works


You need to visit the website,, and fill out a questionnaire. The staff of the New York State Bar will then review the questionnaire and match you with a lawyer who’s at your location. After the referral, you will be required to pay $35 for the first thirty minutes consultation. This charge will, however, be exempted in cases of personal injury, medical malpractice or veterans and military law. After the initial consultation, you are not obligated to retain the attorney. If you choose to keep seeking advice from the lawyer, additional fees will be agreed upon between you and the lawyer.


About Jeremy L. Goldstein


The Lawyer Referral and Information Service (or LRIS) portal ensures that clients get legal assistance from attorneys whose credentials have been vetted by the New York State Bar Association. Jeremy L. Goldstein, a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LCC is such an attorney. Mr. Goldstein has a JD from New York University School of Law, an MS from the University of Chicago, and a B.A from Cornell University. The Law firm also advices CEOs, compensation committees, and management teams.


Jeremy Goldstein’s firm also provides advice in areas of corporate governance, particularly sensitive situations. He frequently speaks and writes on these and other legal issues. In addition, Mr. Goldstein is listed among leading executive lawyers in ‘The Legal 500’ and a member of the NYU Journal of Law and Business professional advisory board.




The lawyer referral and information portal has matched individuals with lawyers for over three decades. In addition to communicating with the staff online, you can also reach them on 1-800-342-3661 during business hours.



Sawyer Howitt, Entrepreneur

Sawyer Howitt is a genius. At his tender teenage of 17, he has set unbeatable records as an abled project manager and a successful entrepreneur unequaled to his age. As a project manager at the Meriwether Group owned by his father, he successfully managed projects of the Group that provided entrepreneurs and business managers the required tools to facilitate growth.

As a Business Strategy Analyst, Sawyer Howitt was part of RFID’s team that works to establish a combination of Internet protocols that use RFID tags and Electronic product code creation designed to transmit data to a connected database accessible to the company. It is the state-of-the-art innovative technology for retailers to track their store merchandise and for customers to find products online. As a customer services representative at KURE Juice Bar for only 3 months, Sawyer Howitt was endeared by customers for his excellent services.

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Sawyer Howitt’s capabilities have been highlighted by PHXATED.COM. He has proven to hold what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur. He has an inventive mindset that enables him to bring out ideas for business improvement. Sawyer Howitt is futuristic and self-driven always forceful for the best in spite challenges associated with business operations.


Building a Business the Mike Baur Way

Mike Baur has been helping a lot of people build their businesses. He has become one of the most innovative entrepreneurs in the business world, and he is looking to help other entrepreneurs that are trying to accomplish things as well. With the Swiss Startup Factory he has created a platform that allows new business Leaders to take better control of their businesses. What he has done is put in place a team of consultants that really know about business. There are lots of entrepreneurs that will initially think that they are well-versed in the business world, but they can often find themselves at points where they are failing with their businesses. This may be because they have not factored in the cost of running a business. They may not have the full resources to properly run a business, and they may not have money in place. All of this can be a very difficult thing for anyone that is new to the business world.

What Mike Baur has been able to do is create opportunities for new business owners to work together and build their businesses up. Co-work spaces are part of the plan that he has put in place. There are also coaches in place that are in control of forecasting. There are a number of opportunities available for anyone that is in the business world. What Mike Baur does is bring these entrepreneurs and combine them with the consultant that has the trial-and-error experience to lead them in the right direction. This is all part of his accelerator program in which he also discusses ways for entrepreneurs to connect with venture capitalists.


Mike Baur has been in the world of banking for decades, and he knows a lot about venture capitalists and what it takes to lure them. This is why he prepped a lot of entrepreneurs with his Swiss Startup Factory company. He knows about the things that will help them get their loans approved. He also knows about what it takes to finance a business when there is no venture capitalist in place. These are the things that new business owners may not be aware of. They may have a great idea about creating a business, but they don’t have a realistic foundation about what they need to do to get started. This is where Mike Baur and his team take control of the situation.

Todd Lubar, Mortgage Executive

Todd Lubar is the current president of the TDL, Global Ventures, LLC, and the vice president of the Legendary Investments. According to patch, he is one of the successful businessmen in Baltimore, where he has been able to thrive despite the real estate crisis. The housing crisis was exacerbated by the global recession that threatened the housing market. However, with interventions from banks and other agents, the price of homes increased, thus improving the business.

Todd Lubar is an alumnus of Syracuse University. He pursued a bachelor’s degree in speech communication. He started his career in the real estate industry and, after some time, became an expert in the mortgage banking. He established the relationship with financial planners, real estate, and insurance agents, thus boosting his business knowledge.

In the year 1999, he held an equity position at the Legacy Financial Group where he increased his lending knowledge. Some years later, he established a residential development company called Legendary Properties, LLC. The residential company is involved in the purchase, rehabilitation, and selling of the homes at a profit. Todd also started a financial corporation subsidiary, which facilitated his business growth, thus availing his service to more clients. As the president of Charter Funding, he assisted the people who were in need and those who felt underserved to access a loan.

Furthermore, after some years in the real estate industry, Todd started Legendary Financial, LLC as an affiliate of the Legendary Properties. The financial company is involved in borrowing and subsequently, lending money to individuals and even companies. The company borrows money from the individuals and institutions that are not often considered by the conventional lending sources. The financial institution has to assess the risks of any loan situation before making the final decision.

Besides, Todd has engaged in other ventures that are diverse and depicts his passion in the business. He became involved in the recycling of the motor vehicle scrap metal and ventured in the commercial demolition in the 2007 and 2008. Todd’s ability to seek an opportunity and the courage to venture into the new business despite risks involved gives him the edge over others.

Finally, Todd Lubar can be considered as one of the successful businessmen, who has risen above the challenges in the business. He has enriched his knowledge in the mortgage banking, financial sector through experience working in various positions. Indeed, Todd is a role model and an inspiration because he works to alleviate problems in the society such as the issue of housing.

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Should You Start Using Wen?

If you enjoy using natural products on your hair and want to use conditioners and styling creams that restore your hair’s health, it may be time to become a Wen customer. There have been several celebrities associated with the Wen brand, and these individuals have attested to the fact that Wen can indeed restore and protect the hair.

Still not sure if Wen is right for you? Here’s Emily McClure’s Bustle review to help you make your final choice.

McClure used the Fig conditioner from Wen for a full week, and chose this variety because it’s specially formulated to nourish the scalp and moisturize the hair. Emily noticed that her hair felt softer and more conditioner after only one use. She uses the conditioner consistently for a few days, but missed a day of washing when she was rushing to work. She heat-styled her hair that day, but her curls soon fell because the conditioner made her hair oilier. This kept her hair from getting frizzy, even though she wasn’t able to achieve her desired style that day.

By the time the week was over, Emily had received compliments from her Facebook friends on the shininess of her hair. She says that she’d recommend Wen Fig conditioner to women who want more volume in their hair, or women who need daily protection from heat styling.

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