How Julia Jackson Prepared For Her Leadership Role At Jackson Family Wines

Julia JacksonJulia Jackson was born in 1988 into a family that had a passion for growing grapes and producing wine. Her father, Jess Jackson, was the founder of Jackson Family Wines. She has memories of some of her time as a child involving picking and sorting grapes in the heat of the summer. One of the big lessons he imparted on her and her sister was to work hard and appreciate that is the way people find success. Now the Proprietor of Jackson Family Wines, Julia Jackson prepared for this role through her education. She obtained a bachelor’s degree at Scripps College in 2010. In that same year she also became a student at the Stanford Graduate School of Business where she completed a certificate program in general management. She is involved in many aspects of the company including marketing and international sales.

Julia JacksonJackson Family Wines sources its wine from several areas around the world. This includes California as well as vineyards in Oregon. Other nations they have vineyards in includes Australia, Italy, France, Chile, and South Africa. They have many brands of wine for sale across the world. Among these are the ones they produce in Napa, California. This includes brands like Freemark Abbey, Bootleg, Cardinale, La Jota, and others. In order to support other women who are trying to make a positive difference in the world, Julia Jackson and her sister established a nonprofit called Cambria Seeds of Empowerment. Each year they award one woman a $100,000 cash grant who is making a difference. Julia has said that the business world, including the wine business, is dominated by men in leadership positions. Julia and her sister want to support women who are both successful in business and are authentic.

Bruno Fagali, The Superlative Corporate Lawyer

Bruno Fagali, a lawyer in profession, obtained his bachelor’s degree in 2009 at the Pontifical catholic university of Sao Paulo in administrative law and also completed his master’s degree at the University of Sao Paulo. He is fluent in Spanish and English. He keeps his head high in his career and effectively represents his clients.

Bruno is based in Brazil where he advises his clients on various legal issues and also accepts cases countrywide. He specializes in administrative law, regulatory law, ethics, compliance and urban law. He also takes part in the procurement procedures within the public sector.


Bruno is a corporate manager at his office in Sao Paulo. His career is successful because he is self-driven with inner motivation and passion. He is a part of the community of corporate compliance and ethics. When delivering content in the courtroom, he is outstanding. His knowledge and experience in legal cases make him hard to choose when you are finding a quality attorney. He offers detailed consultation with his clients which enables him to discuss the situation, working together to come up with a good strategy in the courtroom. He holds a position at CIM in an advertising agency where his role is to create corporate integrity for the firm. Bruno Fagali practice which was founded in 2016 deals with electoral, public and anti-corruption.

Anti-corruption has been huge in the advertising agencies, and this led to regulatory reforms in 2013. Compliance with the practices reduces risks of unlawful conduct. With a reformed system, the company receives numerous contracts from the government due to a good portfolio.

There are many legal practitioners in Brazil, but few can have a reputation of delivering results like Bruno Fagali. Over the years he put his focus toward regulatory and binding law. Whether its disputed cases, advising clients, negation or statutory mandates, clients rely on Bruno to represent and advise them.

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Todd Lubar and his Future Venture

Todd Lubar has been doing investment in the industry of real estate for about ten years and he has grown quite knowledgeable about how the industry of real estate investment works and how to achieve success in it

In a recent interview investor, Todd Lubar shares some insight n the real estate market in the charming city of Baltimore. The city is growing in the population of younger people and that naturally creates a lot of demand for homes in the area. While the city is loosing numbers in terms of total population, younger people are becoming the main demographics. It is excited that the increase will continue but that will be determined by the overall economics in the city of Baltimore and the surrounding area.

Todd Lubar will be expanding its presence in the city of Baltimore as well. He has set his eyes on the city where he will be expanding his company called TDL Ventures. The business is working in the field of venture investments and it currently has office buildings across a few locations in the United States of America.

Over the course of his long career, Todd Lubar has amassed a lot of experience in the fields of real estate and investment, but also in the sector of finance. Todd Lubar used to work in finance as a banker. His career began straight after he had finished his higher education. Check out Patreon to know more.

Todd Lubar is a former student of the Syracuse University. He finished an education in Speech Communication with a bachelor’s degree in 1995. After he graduated, Tod Lubar started up in the sector of finance but later transitioned to doing business in the industry of real estate.

Up to date, Todd Lubar is working as President of the company of TDL Ventures, LLC. He is also the Senior Vice President of the business Legendary Investments. Todd used to work at Crestar Mortgage Corporation as well as Legacy Financial Group. He helped grow the company of Maryland Legacy Corporation to a profit of a hundred million dollars.

Todd Lar has a long history of philanthropy. He has been a part of the Charter Funding for many years. You can search him on Google for more

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Tobias Jaeger: The Man Behind Axiom Venture Capital

Tobias Jaeger has seemingly been running businesses his entire adult life. His first company, Business Associates Europe, was founded by Jaeger while he was still a student at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. Business Associates Europe developed strategy consulting services to cooperations by pairing students with experienced consultants in an effort to provide research support to companies throughout the world.


After graduation Tobias Jaeger partnered with a top poker player to for StrategosPoker. StrategosPoker aims to teach aspiring poker players to play at a competitive level and earn money. During this time, Tobias also became the Managing Director of an entrepreneur academy that provided personal empowerment courses to entrepreneurs in Europe and the Middle East.


In 2012 Tobias Jaeger was afforded the opportunity to try his hand at the entertainment business. Tobias joined Thought For Food, a Swiss based initiative. While with the initiative, Tobias developed a documentary demonstrating the reshaping of the food industry by the industries next generation of leaders. The documentary discussed how these leaders are using the latest technology to develop new strategies to feed the world. Portions of the documentary was shot in a variety of countries and has caught the attention of investors and decision makers across the globe.


Tobias Jaeger has continued to satisfy his appetite for business with the launching of Axiom Pictures. Axiom Pictures is the first entertainment equity fund of its kind to be based in Europe. This led to the idea of Axiom Venture Capital, which works to connect media and entertainment entrepreneurs with investors. The company has effectively merged the world of media and entertainment with the world of finance.


Tobias Jaeger has also proven to be quite the business mind in regards to charitable pursuits. In 2006, after completing his own service with the German armed forces, Tobias became co founder of Support German Troops, a citizen led initiative with the stated goal of creating awareness and providing support for members of the German Armed Forces. Support German Troops has been responsible for the donations of hundreds of thousands of Euros and has amassed over 50,000 followers on social media.


Tobias Jaeger is a well traveled people connector. He has lived, visited, or worked in over 40 countries on 4 continents. Tobias is fluent in multiple languages including English, Spanish, German, and Dutch. He is a skilled networker that has used this expertise to shape the face of the global entertainment business.


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Securus Technologies Efforts to Improve Communication in Jails

Securus Technologies joined the communication industry and tailored their services for prisons. The company is the leading provider of communication technologies in North American jails. It built its name across the area because of its capacity to provide high-quality packages at a reasonable rate. Today, the organization serves more than 3,450 reformatories and over 1,200,000 inmates. The service provider makes sure that calls to and from prisons is clear and safe.


Smith Eric, Securus Technologies CEO, provides satisfying products and excellent customer experience. They have their headquarters in Dallas where central operations of the company take place. Their services help detectives and law enforcers to get information from conversations made between an inmate and their friends or relatives. They offer public information, product inspection, information management, inmate self-service, communication, investigation, biometric analysis, emergency response, and incident management.


Customer Response


Securus Technologies is a famous provider of civil and criminal solutions for correction, investigations, and public safety. Clients gave feedback about how the company met their demands. The users include lawmakers, court officials, and detectives. Smith Eric revealed that secures develops a new product to match the changing market preference. It will be easy to solve any new crime coming up due to the availability of the system. It was an ideal way of preventing criminal acts from taking place. The many calls and emails from the premises they serve show that the market accepted the product well.


Officials record all conversations made via electronic mails or phone calls. They have translating applications to make sure they capture everything in a discussion regardless of the language used. The reason behind recording is to gather evidence and use it against the convict to build a case. The technology growth contributed positively to communication in correction facilities. The product also benefits the prisoner since they can connect with family and former workmates.


Devoted Staff


Securus Technologies hire professionals to work in their departments. They also invite prospective clients, potential investors, and competitors to their headquarters to learn about how they operate and the systems used. Their excellent services give them an advantage over their competitors.