Bruce Bent – the Money Market Fund Pioneer

When thinking about investment methods, money market funds do come in mind. Money market funds otherwise commonly referred to as money market mutual funds are relatively safe, short-term investment method where investors invest in debt securities. These include commercial papers and US treasury bills. When comparing money market funds to bank deposit accounts, this would be a fairly better method since the returns are higher. The money market funds are usually regulated by the Investment Company Act of 1940, in the US, and this form of investment usually provides liquidity to different financial intermediaries.

Investors who opt for this investment plan run a lower risk of credit, market and liquidity risks. The aim of the money market fund is to help shareholders earn interest while maintaining the net asset value of 1 dollar for each share. The rule 2a-7 restricts the money market funds terms of the quality of the investment made, the time that the investment matures and also by the diversity of the market. According to these regulations, investments are supposed to mature in 13 months. In addition, the average maturity time is usually 60 days or below. The money market fund was initiated in 1971.


Bruce Bent II has a great deal of understanding when it comes to money market funds. In fact, his father was one of the founders of the first money market fund. Bruce Bent II went to Northeastern and graduated with his Bachelor’s degree. From then he went on to follow his father into the financial industry.

He currently runs a mutual fund investment company under the name the Double Rock Corporation as the president and vice chairman. He also owns other affiliates of the company, which include Access Control Advantage, Intrasweep LLC among others.

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