Listen to the Conversation of Nature without Disturbing it – Conserve it for the Next Generation

Due to the increased population, the need for additional resources, and most importantly greed of the humans have tarnished many of nature’s wealth. Now, it seems to be grabbing the astounding beauty of nature as well, and there are many examples around the world people can explain as the utter exploitation to nature itself. In the name of tourism, there are unorganized and unplanned developments is taking place in sensitive habitats, and that finally kill such areas permanently which also adversely affects its inhabitants including human beings and animals.



Uncontrolled growth of tourism is a significant threat to many naturally beautiful tourist spots. The Indonesian islands such as Pramuka Island, many Himalayan hill stations in the Indian subcontinent, forests in Africa are the right example of such exploitation. Considering the increased campaigns, people show greater importance to ecotourism and conservation of nature in the recent years. A coordinated work among the countries is required in this regard, and that should be driven by the results rather than any general discussion forum. Environmental organizations can play a significant role in such movements and work as a link between nature enthusiasts from different countries and help them to come up with campaigns and activism.



Eco-friendly and conservation centered initiatives are an excellent choice for protecting nature from humans. It includes developmental projects suitable for those areas without disturbing the habitats, restricting people from sensitive areas, separate land codes for areas where wildlife is critical, etc. Many nature lovers are forming groups to increase the awareness among people and to initiative activism. One such group is Wild Ark, an organization created by a group of environmental activists to educate people the importance of protecting nature and planet for the coming generations.



The organization was founded by Sophie and Mark Hutchinson, and they work together to find the possible threats on wild places and working on strategies to impact it positively. It identifies the green belts around the world and protects its biodiversity by conserving the wildlife and reconnecting people to nature. The organization is actively involved in preserving the oceans, forests and biodiversity in Africa, reefs around the world including Great Barrier Reef, and more.


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