Bruce Bent – the Money Market Fund Pioneer

When thinking about investment methods, money market funds do come in mind. Money market funds otherwise commonly referred to as money market mutual funds are relatively safe, short-term investment method where investors invest in debt securities. These include commercial papers and US treasury bills. When comparing money market funds to bank deposit accounts, this would be a fairly better method since the returns are higher. The money market funds are usually regulated by the Investment Company Act of 1940, in the US, and this form of investment usually provides liquidity to different financial intermediaries.

Investors who opt for this investment plan run a lower risk of credit, market and liquidity risks. The aim of the money market fund is to help shareholders earn interest while maintaining the net asset value of 1 dollar for each share. The rule 2a-7 restricts the money market funds terms of the quality of the investment made, the time that the investment matures and also by the diversity of the market. According to these regulations, investments are supposed to mature in 13 months. In addition, the average maturity time is usually 60 days or below. The money market fund was initiated in 1971.


Bruce Bent II has a great deal of understanding when it comes to money market funds. In fact, his father was one of the founders of the first money market fund. Bruce Bent II went to Northeastern and graduated with his Bachelor’s degree. From then he went on to follow his father into the financial industry.

He currently runs a mutual fund investment company under the name the Double Rock Corporation as the president and vice chairman. He also owns other affiliates of the company, which include Access Control Advantage, Intrasweep LLC among others.

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The Philanthropy, Beliefs And Differences Made By Betsy Devos

Elisabeth Dee Betsy Devos was born in 1958. She is an American activist, politician, and philanthropist. Ms. Devos supports school choice, charter schools and programs for school vouchers. From 1992 until 1997 she was Michigan’s National Committeewoman and chairwoman for Michigan’s Republican party between 1996 and 2000. She is an advocate of the charter school system in Detroit and on the board for the Foundation for Excellence in Education. She has been the chairwoman for the Action Institute and the Alliance for School Choice and the head of the All Children Matter PAC. Follow Betsy on Twitter.

Ms. Devos is married to Dick Devos and the daughter of Richard Devos who co-founded Amway. Her brother is Erik Prince who was previously a U.S. Navy Seal. Ms. Devos spent her childhood in Holland, Michigan. She received her education at the Holland Christian High School and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree at Calvin College. She is the Windquest Groups chairman who supports clean energy, manufacturing and technology. The firm was founded in 1989 with her husband. Ms. Devos is a supported or nonprofit reforms. She is the chairman of the Family Foundation with numerous charitable interests. She is on the board for the Mars Hill Bible Church, the Foundation for Excellence in Education, the Institute for Arts Management and Kids Hope USA. She is a leader in the avocation for educational choice.

Betsy Devos became highly interested in helping low income families with their children’s education when she visited the Potter’s House Christian School. She wanted these children to learn in a safe place with an excellent atmosphere. This led to her support of the movement for educational choice. She was on the boards for two national charities in the 1990’s to increase educational choice with the use of tax credits and vouchers. The efforts of Ms. Devos and her husband led to the first charter school bill in Michigan passing in 1993. Ms. Devos and her husband informed parents regarding the voucher opportunity. They paid for time on the radio, purchased billboards and web ads and made the phone calls. They worked with community groups and parish churches to raise awareness about the program available. Her focus is still centered on educational choice. She believes children should not have to attend a specific school because it is in their zip code. She feels the technology of blended learning and digital learning will make a significant difference in educational choice. She additionally believes home schooling is another valid option. She says when parents have had enough of their inability to change where their children are able to attend school, many opt for home schooling. This puts the children’s educations back into the hands of their parents. Visit to know more about Betsy.

Listen to the Conversation of Nature without Disturbing it – Conserve it for the Next Generation

Due to the increased population, the need for additional resources, and most importantly greed of the humans have tarnished many of nature’s wealth. Now, it seems to be grabbing the astounding beauty of nature as well, and there are many examples around the world people can explain as the utter exploitation to nature itself. In the name of tourism, there are unorganized and unplanned developments is taking place in sensitive habitats, and that finally kill such areas permanently which also adversely affects its inhabitants including human beings and animals.



Uncontrolled growth of tourism is a significant threat to many naturally beautiful tourist spots. The Indonesian islands such as Pramuka Island, many Himalayan hill stations in the Indian subcontinent, forests in Africa are the right example of such exploitation. Considering the increased campaigns, people show greater importance to ecotourism and conservation of nature in the recent years. A coordinated work among the countries is required in this regard, and that should be driven by the results rather than any general discussion forum. Environmental organizations can play a significant role in such movements and work as a link between nature enthusiasts from different countries and help them to come up with campaigns and activism.



Eco-friendly and conservation centered initiatives are an excellent choice for protecting nature from humans. It includes developmental projects suitable for those areas without disturbing the habitats, restricting people from sensitive areas, separate land codes for areas where wildlife is critical, etc. Many nature lovers are forming groups to increase the awareness among people and to initiative activism. One such group is Wild Ark, an organization created by a group of environmental activists to educate people the importance of protecting nature and planet for the coming generations.



The organization was founded by Sophie and Mark Hutchinson, and they work together to find the possible threats on wild places and working on strategies to impact it positively. It identifies the green belts around the world and protects its biodiversity by conserving the wildlife and reconnecting people to nature. The organization is actively involved in preserving the oceans, forests and biodiversity in Africa, reefs around the world including Great Barrier Reef, and more.


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How Copa Star is dedicated to being a Top Healthcare Provider

Copa Star is a medical facility that has gained recognition across the globe due to its commitment to offering top-notch services to its patients. The hospital is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and it kicked off its operation in November 2016. Copa Star has built an excellent reputation for offering luxury and advanced medical care to the patients who seek its services. The comfortable environment that it provides has never been in any hospital that is based in Rio de Janeiro. The healthcare facility has invested heavily in state-of-the-art machines, equipment, and technology that allow its doctors to offer excellent services to the patients. It also has ample amenities to provide sophisticated treatments such as neurosurgery and cardiology. The relaxing environment that is provided at the medical center allows its patients to recuperate faster. Jorge Moll is one of the individuals who established the facility, and he is a top cardiologist in the region. According to him, Copa Star has made an accomplishment of implementing the five-star hotel concept in a hospital.

The modern diagnostic equipment, hybrid surgery rooms, comfortable healing suites, and outstanding customer service of Copa Star make it the most preferred hospital in Rio de Janeiro. It currently attracts patients from all over Brazil and abroad. The hospital believes that therapy and comfort are some of the factors that facilitate the healing process of an individual. It offers personalized accommodation services to its patients in five-star suites that are well decorated. The reception, hallways, and lobbies of the Copa Star are also fitted with aesthetic designs that remove the dull mood of a hospital. View the design at RAF Arquitetura.

Copa Star is also determined to be among the global centers where people can seek complex cardiac and neurological treatment. It owns facilities that are worth more than $100 million. They include MRI Machines, cardiology and neurosurgery equipment, robotic assistants, and unparalleled diagnostic centers. The hospital also runs about 59 intensive care units, which are well equipped to ensure that patients who are in critical conditions recover.

The medical facility covers about 21,000 square meters. It has hired over 500 personnel who receive regular on-the-job training on how to handle different patients. The hospital’s medical staff comprises of 113 doctor and nurses. It sources its physicians from various parts of the globe, and they are all qualified to offer world-class healthcare services. The medical facility also owns a smart hospitality program that makes it easy for the doctors to serve the patients.

Hospital Copa Star has significantly transformed how medical services are provided in Brazil. It enables patients to have top-notch health care and also live in a comfortable environment. The hospital has set standards that other medical facilities in the country are striving to reach. Read more at about Copa Star.

The Legend Of Betsy DeVos

Arguably one of the most influential politicians of today, Betsy DeVos remains an agent of change. For years, Betsy has fought for the voiceless and pushed for educational reform. Instead of being told what to do, Betsy took initiative and worked her way into the White House. Currently, Betsy DeVos serves as the United States Secretary of Education. In addition, Betsy remains an esteemed businesswoman and an avid philanthropist. With such a resume, it remains difficult for anyone to discredit her activism and enthusiasm for educational reform. In addition, Betsy holds a high-ranking position within the Republican Party. Furthermore, she won over her critics and colleagues due to her conservative values and ideology. Throughout the Republican Party, she remains respected for her policies such as school choice, charter schools, school voucher programs, and so forth. Since the 1990s, Betsy DeVos has served her party respectably. In particular, she served as chairwoman for the Michigan segment of her party for numerous years. From 1996 to 2000, she reigned supreme in the Michigan Republican Party. In fact, she won reelection in 2003.

As an avid supporter of Detroit’s charter school system, DeVos single-handedly changed the city’s school system for the better. Moreover, she has held numerous board positions throughout her career. In addition, Betsy DeVos remains a loyal and dedicated wife to her husband, Dick DeVos. Not only does the couple have billions of dollars at their disposal, they also have numerous non-profit organizations under their belt. Moreover, Dick DeVos once served as CEO of company Amway. In addition, her immediately family hails from a military background. In fact, her brother served in the U.S. Navy SEAL as an officer. Currently, he remains the founder of Blackwater USA. Moreover, her father also established an extremely successful business called the “Prince Corporation. Follow Betsy on Twitter.

Due to such prestige, it remains easy to see why Betsy DeVos and her family has received numerous awards and acknowledgments. In particular, the DeVos family has appeared in Forbes numerous times. Although Betsy and her family enjoy an insurmountable amount of wealth, they remain as giving and philanthropic as ever. Since 1989, The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has changed countless lives in their community. The premise of the foundation remains rooted in giving the youth an equal opportunity. Moreover, the organization believes this remains possible by developing leaders, transforming the community, and so forth. In addition, the organization focuses on five pillars. To remain exact, these include education, community, arts, justice, and leadership. In 2015 alone, the foundation contributed over $11.6 million dollars to charity. Furthermore, the DeVos family’s lifetime contributions remain at $139 million dollars. Therefore, Betsy DeVos selfless contributions remain uncontested and nothing short of remarkable. Check this article from

We Can Borrow a Thing Or Two From Oncotarget

Oncotarget is a traditional journal developed in 2010, and that presents current scientific innovations to the rest of the world whenever they are available. Some of the top-ranking editors in Oncotarget include but are not limited to Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny. Thus, Oncotarget keeps society in check and aware of current affairs since information from its site remains readily available to you at any time of day. Also, Oncotarget issues papers on a weekly basis, publications that are you can simply find on their website. Since personal preferences vary from one individual to the other, you can order an article on demand.

Oncotarget presents scientific findings to the consumer world so as to have them give their opinions on the same. User reviews prove to be vital since they help scientists come up with better ways of doing things. Through the journal, scientists and researchers from around the globe have been brought together so that they can speak in one voice. Some of the topics that Oncotarget centers on include natural aging, cell death, circadian rhythm, immunology, neurotarget, Neuroscience, Microbiology, autophagy, oncology, and pathology.

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The Oncotarget editorial has become so successful to the extent that it has launched another section referred to as beyond oncology. Presently, Oncotarget supports more than fifty employees; all that are deeply involved in publishing works. Due to its strong team of editors, Oncotarget can present highly researched facts and findings to the rest of the world, information that is not easily dismissible. One leading publication is that called OncoTargets and Therapy. In this paper, scientists try to show us how therapy and treatment can be made use of to deal with all types of cancers. The journal also focuses on how the above protocols affect your quality of life, your tolerance levels to treatment, as well as your level of satisfaction. Content in the publication centers on previous therapies, as well as those that are being carried out in present times, so as to derive a meaningful comparison. The journal has come at a time when the entire world has a great focus on eradicating diseases that afflict you and me. Learn more about Oncotarget at Research Gate.

InnovaCare Health Chief Administration Officer, Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides was elected the Chief Administration Officer of InnovaCare Health in 2015. She has over 20 years’ experience in the in healthcare industry after serving in government programs mostly in the Medicare and Medicaid. Over the years she has been in practice, she has made enormous contributions in managing healthcare processes, developing healthcare programs and focusing her expertise on improving efficiency in service delivery and organizational infrastructure.


Previous Positions and Responsibilities

Before being elected the CAO of InnovaCare, Penelope was serving as the Chief Operating Officer with the same organization. She was also the Chief Officer of Aveta Inc. and also acted as the Vice-President of Clinical Operations in the organization. She has also served as the Chief Operating Officer and the Executive Vice President at Centerlight Health Care. In this capacity, Kokkinides was in charge of overall management and strategic direction of the care division.

She was also the COO at Touchstone Health and the Care and Disease Management at AmeriChoice, which is a UnitedHealth Groups business unit. In this position, Penelope spearheaded the development and implementation of the company’s health model.

Penelope’s Secret to Success

In her position, Penelope spends a lot of time on the road, and it is when she is on the road, or air that she finds her peace. She believes working together with her team helps her, develop not only ideas but also implement them. To her, teamwork is a two way where they can rely on her, and she also relies on them. Penelope Kokkinides also takes most of her free time, which is usually at night; thinking of what she can do to make things move forward and what needs to be done.

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Education Background

Penelope Kokkinides had a degree in biological sciences and classical languages from the University of Binghamton and attended New York University for masters in social network. She also attended the Columbia University of Public Health where she received postmaster’s program in alcohol and substance abuse and master’s in public health. Read more about her interview on Ideamensch

About InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare is a North American healthcare provider which focuses on providing quality patient-power relationships. The company operates two care plans, the Medicare Advantage and Medicaid Programs and Provider Networks. Through this two plan, InnovaCare is able to quality and accessible healthcare services to all patients.

The organization performs under strong leadership, corporate integrity and results-oriented goals which enable them to achieve the end goal, quality medical care.

Lifeline Screening And The Effect On Longevity

Lifeline Screening is a procedure that offers various screening and diagnostic tests for medical purposes. All of the results are then made available to the individual’s personal doctor for evaluation so proper treatment can be prescribed as needed.

Lifeline Screening has three basic ways to screen an individual for potential health issues. They are by ultrasound, a finger-stick blood test, and a limited electrocardiograph. These are all non-invasive in nature and do not require any major preparation at all.

The ultrasound is the same system that a pregnant mom would use to discover the sex of the baby. Sound waves are directed at the part of the body where medical technicians wish to view, and images of the internal organs are displayed. It is even possible to see the flow of blood through the veins and arteries.

With sophisticated ultrasound technology, it is possible to see any obstructions that might impede the blood flow in veins and arteries. The carotid artery in the neck and the aorta to the heart and its various sub-arteries into the heart are very capable of becoming plugged with plaque. Any indication of blockage would be something that a person’s physician would want to know about.

The blood test only requires a few drops of blood to create a full lipid blood panel which will measure the levels of the HDL (good cholesterol) and the LDL (bad cholesterol). Triglyceride levels and glucose levels are also measured. The glucose level or the amount of blood sugar a person has is indicative of possible diabetes if the level is too high. Liver enzyme levels also are indicative of possible liver disease.

The limited electrocardiograph shows how the heart is working, especially if there are any rhythmic disorders. A common problem in this area is atrial fibrillation or A-Fib. A-Fib is an irregular heartbeat which can cause blood clots to form which can cause a stroke.

When the screening results of these tests are given to an individual’s personal doctor, an evaluation and recommendations can be made correctly based on these screenings.

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