Get Updated Information About FreedomPop By Reading A Detailed Review

A recent FreedomPop review that was listed on a website was extremely informative and gave updated information about the wireless plans and Internet service plans that FreedomPop has. One of the biggest changes was to the free service plan for cell phones, which has changed from giving 500 text messages to making the text messages unlimited. Now, anyone who chooses to get the free cell phone service will always have as many text messages to use as they want. The data on the other hand has changed with the free service plan and has now been lowered to 200 MB, down from 500 MB.


Even with the deduction of the data on the free plan, FreedomPop has created all types of ways for their customers to get more data, which can be achieved by adding FreedomPop friends. Get as many people to join FreedomPop as possible to get data credits for every customer who joins and stays with FreedomPop.


The free plan is available to be used on all smartphones, even Sprint phones that have been transferred over to FreedomPop. GSM phones will only require that the customer purchase a sim card directly from FreedomPop, which is $0.99 and can be purchased from the website. The paid plan is still the same price at $10.99 and has unlimited calls and texts and still comes with 500 MB of data. Earning extra data is also possible with the paid plan, or the customer can choose to go up to the unlimited everything plan that costs $19.99 monthly.


With the unlimited everything plan, the user will get unlimited data as well as text messages and phone calls that are unlimited. Using this plan will be much easier for some people, especially teenagers who may not be able to control the amount of resources they use on their wireless plan. FreedomPop also has Wi-Fi service that is compatible with any smartphone and can be used as a substitution for the data that comes with any FreedomPop cell phone plan. The Wi-Fi service is offered at a very conservative price of only five dollars per month and is completely unlimited for any user who’ll also have access to millions of hotspots.

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  1. Completing offers from FreedomPop, which there are many, this can also get a customer extra data each month as well. Another good idea is to simply use Wi-Fi service whenever it’s possible to obtain more data. It is also nothing new for australian writings because they’ve done so in the past and it has helped them greatly.

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