Todd Lubar and his Future Venture

Todd Lubar has been doing investment in the industry of real estate for about ten years and he has grown quite knowledgeable about how the industry of real estate investment works and how to achieve success in it

In a recent interview investor, Todd Lubar shares some insight n the real estate market in the charming city of Baltimore. The city is growing in the population of younger people and that naturally creates a lot of demand for homes in the area. While the city is loosing numbers in terms of total population, younger people are becoming the main demographics. It is excited that the increase will continue but that will be determined by the overall economics in the city of Baltimore and the surrounding area.

Todd Lubar will be expanding its presence in the city of Baltimore as well. He has set his eyes on the city where he will be expanding his company called TDL Ventures. The business is working in the field of venture investments and it currently has office buildings across a few locations in the United States of America.

Over the course of his long career, Todd Lubar has amassed a lot of experience in the fields of real estate and investment, but also in the sector of finance. Todd Lubar used to work in finance as a banker. His career began straight after he had finished his higher education. Check out Patreon to know more.

Todd Lubar is a former student of the Syracuse University. He finished an education in Speech Communication with a bachelor’s degree in 1995. After he graduated, Tod Lubar started up in the sector of finance but later transitioned to doing business in the industry of real estate.

Up to date, Todd Lubar is working as President of the company of TDL Ventures, LLC. He is also the Senior Vice President of the business Legendary Investments. Todd used to work at Crestar Mortgage Corporation as well as Legacy Financial Group. He helped grow the company of Maryland Legacy Corporation to a profit of a hundred million dollars.

Todd Lar has a long history of philanthropy. He has been a part of the Charter Funding for many years. You can search him on Google for more

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Tobias Jaeger: The Man Behind Axiom Venture Capital

Tobias Jaeger has seemingly been running businesses his entire adult life. His first company, Business Associates Europe, was founded by Jaeger while he was still a student at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. Business Associates Europe developed strategy consulting services to cooperations by pairing students with experienced consultants in an effort to provide research support to companies throughout the world.


After graduation Tobias Jaeger partnered with a top poker player to for StrategosPoker. StrategosPoker aims to teach aspiring poker players to play at a competitive level and earn money. During this time, Tobias also became the Managing Director of an entrepreneur academy that provided personal empowerment courses to entrepreneurs in Europe and the Middle East.


In 2012 Tobias Jaeger was afforded the opportunity to try his hand at the entertainment business. Tobias joined Thought For Food, a Swiss based initiative. While with the initiative, Tobias developed a documentary demonstrating the reshaping of the food industry by the industries next generation of leaders. The documentary discussed how these leaders are using the latest technology to develop new strategies to feed the world. Portions of the documentary was shot in a variety of countries and has caught the attention of investors and decision makers across the globe.


Tobias Jaeger has continued to satisfy his appetite for business with the launching of Axiom Pictures. Axiom Pictures is the first entertainment equity fund of its kind to be based in Europe. This led to the idea of Axiom Venture Capital, which works to connect media and entertainment entrepreneurs with investors. The company has effectively merged the world of media and entertainment with the world of finance.


Tobias Jaeger has also proven to be quite the business mind in regards to charitable pursuits. In 2006, after completing his own service with the German armed forces, Tobias became co founder of Support German Troops, a citizen led initiative with the stated goal of creating awareness and providing support for members of the German Armed Forces. Support German Troops has been responsible for the donations of hundreds of thousands of Euros and has amassed over 50,000 followers on social media.


Tobias Jaeger is a well traveled people connector. He has lived, visited, or worked in over 40 countries on 4 continents. Tobias is fluent in multiple languages including English, Spanish, German, and Dutch. He is a skilled networker that has used this expertise to shape the face of the global entertainment business.


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Securus Technologies Efforts to Improve Communication in Jails

Securus Technologies joined the communication industry and tailored their services for prisons. The company is the leading provider of communication technologies in North American jails. It built its name across the area because of its capacity to provide high-quality packages at a reasonable rate. Today, the organization serves more than 3,450 reformatories and over 1,200,000 inmates. The service provider makes sure that calls to and from prisons is clear and safe.


Smith Eric, Securus Technologies CEO, provides satisfying products and excellent customer experience. They have their headquarters in Dallas where central operations of the company take place. Their services help detectives and law enforcers to get information from conversations made between an inmate and their friends or relatives. They offer public information, product inspection, information management, inmate self-service, communication, investigation, biometric analysis, emergency response, and incident management.


Customer Response


Securus Technologies is a famous provider of civil and criminal solutions for correction, investigations, and public safety. Clients gave feedback about how the company met their demands. The users include lawmakers, court officials, and detectives. Smith Eric revealed that secures develops a new product to match the changing market preference. It will be easy to solve any new crime coming up due to the availability of the system. It was an ideal way of preventing criminal acts from taking place. The many calls and emails from the premises they serve show that the market accepted the product well.


Officials record all conversations made via electronic mails or phone calls. They have translating applications to make sure they capture everything in a discussion regardless of the language used. The reason behind recording is to gather evidence and use it against the convict to build a case. The technology growth contributed positively to communication in correction facilities. The product also benefits the prisoner since they can connect with family and former workmates.


Devoted Staff


Securus Technologies hire professionals to work in their departments. They also invite prospective clients, potential investors, and competitors to their headquarters to learn about how they operate and the systems used. Their excellent services give them an advantage over their competitors.


Boraie Development partners with the State Theater to Offer Free Summer Movies

In an article published through New Jersey Stage in 2016, the State Theater announced the return of the much anticipated Free Summer Movies Series. The free movies event was sponsored by Boraie Development and The Provident Bank Foundation. The films that featured in the series included The Extra Terrestrial, Despicable, Frozen, Babe, Aladdin and Monsters University. The movies aired between 10:30 am and 7:00 pm. Tickets for these series were available free.

The six movies were free to the community, giving young people an opportunity to enjoy films with their families. This was also an opportunity to attend summer camps and other groups present in the serene surrounding of the State Theater, a momentous 1921 movie fortress that has now become New Jersey’s best venue for live performance and other events.

According to Patch, movie fanatics would experience an unmatched experience at the spectacular HD digital cinema projection system. The 1850-seat state-of-the-art theater hosts audiences sited in the balcony, as well as those seated in downstairs. Groups of 20 people were requested to confirm space availability earlier.

Statement from the Sponsors

In a statement, Jane Kurek, executive director of the Provident Bank Foundation expressed their excitement in being part of the community-based initiative. She stated that the company is thrilled in helping young people and families enjoy the earth-shattering events at the State Theater. On his side, Hiam Boraie, vice president of Boraie development echoed similar statement expressing their excitement in being part of the community event.

Statement from the State Theater

The State Theater vice president of development and strategic partnership Anna Marie Gewirtz expressed the company’s gratefulness for having an opportunity to offer a program of six free movies. She also stated that the firm is committed to offering families with affordable programming. She also invited people to free events at the State Theater that were organized by Community Access Initiative. The efforts and generosity of Boraie Development and The Provident Bank Foundation were also appreciated.

About Boraie Development

Boraie Development is a real estate firm specializing in property management, urban real estate development and sales and marketing. Offering unparalleled services to their clients is their primary focus. As a result, the firm works with the best architects, contractors, and strong financial institutions to ensure that projects are completed in time.

The New Jersey-based company started over 40 years ago when Sam Boraie got a vision for New Brunswick. Today, the firm has completed the most luxurious residential and commercial projects in New Brunswick, New Jersey. You can search him on Yahoo for more.

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Kim Dao Takes a Dance Class in KPOP 2

This is part two of Kim Dao’s trip to KPOP’s SM studios. Kim Dao says she was a big fan of Bao when she was younger and loved Japanese pop bands. She’s more familiar with female groups in KPOP but not so familiar with the boy bands. At KPOP, S M Entertainment , Kim Dao got to see KPOP cards and glossy black and white photos that could be purchased. KPOP also displayed framed hand prints of the band members and sold DVD’s, CD’s, and vinyl discs of the KPOP bands. One shop was like a grocery store; it sold coffee beans and energy drinks. Kim Dao walked into a store selling wooden stamp blocks, stationery, KPOP caps, jewelry, wallets, wigs, and more. Another shop displayed the costumes that KPOP band members wore when performing. Learn more:


The dance hall where KPOP performed and held auditions was on the sixth floor of SM Studios. Kim Dao joined her group for some dance lessons. They started of bent over with their legs stretched out to the sides. They straightened up and walked one giant step to the left with their left legs and followed with their right legs. The group was taught hand movements. Kim Dao felt a little bit confused. Some of the dance steps required them to slouch a little and straighten up. They had a movement with their arms that looked liked they were pulling a string up with one hand a string down with the other. Dao was exhausted.


George Soros: The face of change

George Soros was born August 12, 1930, in Budapest, Hungary. Soros earned a Bachelor of Science in philosophy in 1951, and a Master of Science in philosophy in 1954, both from the London School of Economics. George Soros is a left leaning political advocate and philanthropist and has a net worth of $25.2 Billion dollars. George is the Author of 14 books such titles include The Tragedy of the European Union and The Alchemy of Finance. In addition, to be an Author and activist, George Soros is also a formidable businessman and he is the Chairman of Soros Fund Management LLC, established in 1969 a private American investment management firm/hedge fund.

Over the years, George has lent his support to many advocacy groups, notably the black lives matter group and the birth out of Ferguson Missouri. George has founded many organizations under his own organization named Open Society Foundations. The group runs 24 programs based on rights and advocacy for minorities or other at risk groups. Some examples of these programs are the following: Fiscal Governance Program and the program’s goal is to ensure government transparency when it comes to spending. Moreover, George is a champion for women’s rights across the world. what’s more, the Women’s rights program has a keen interest in advancing women’s sexual and reproductive rights.

George Soros has given millions if not billions to charities over the years and his first charity was in Hungary, where he formed an organization that gave away photocopiers to promote freedom of information. George is also concerned with Economic stability and has donated more than $75 million to the Millennium Promise and Millennium Villages Project which is an African charity seeking to end poverty in Africa, while enriching peoples lives through education and other valuable resources.George has lead a rich and rewarding life with selfless dedication to promoting a better world forever one. He is truly a man of strong character whose heart has room for anyone in need.

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Cameron Clokie: Innovating Bone Regeneration In Toronto

Dr. Cameron Clokie devotes his career to regenerative medicine. As an oral and maxillofacial surgeon at the University of Toronto, Dr. Cameron Clokie is revolutionizing facial reconstructive surgery.

His passion for improving the lives of his patients led Cameron Clokie to pioneering tissue regeneration for the jawbone. By using protein to transform adult stem cells into bone tissue, Cameron Clokie is regrowing jawbones similar to bone growth in the embryonic state.

Typically, reconstructing bones relies on taking bone, fat and muscle from other areas of the body to fill in the missing parts. With Cameron Clokie’s reconstructive methods, a growth protein gel is modelled into a jawbone piece.

The new gel model jawbone is then placed in the missing sections with a titanium rod for support. After five days time, blood vessels begin to regrow over the gel model, regrowing the jawbone to close the missing pieces. Read more: Bros Don’t Let Bros Have Bad Breath: Toronto Oral Surgeon Cameron Clokie Helps You Make a Good First Impression

Cameron Clokie became a leading expert in oral and maxillofacial surgery by obtaining a Doctor of Dental Surgery in 1985. He continued his specialized training from McGill University in bone regeneration and receiving his doctorate in 1992. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

With leading regenerative medicine techniques, Dr. Cameron Clokie became a professor and a clinician at the University of Toronto. Since his retirement of academics in 2017, Cameron Clokie now holds positions on several scientific advisory boards at multiple companies. His fundamental work of bioimplants led to the development of a bone research group at McGill University.

Since the creation of the bone research group, new bone regenerative technologies have been developed and evaluated to improve the future of bioimplants. As the current CEO of Induce Biologics Inc., Dr. Cameron Clokie focuses on unprecedented musculoskeletal regenerative solutions.

Cameron Clokie published multiple papers on oral and maxillofacial surgery while lecturing internationally. He is the holder of 25 US and international patents, both existing and pending related to bone healing and reconstruction.

José Auriemo Neto CEO of JHSF with a lot capability

JHSF is located in Sao Paulo. It functions in Manuas as well as Salvador. The business group targets some specific areas which include Punta Del Este in Uruguay, besides Miami as well as in New York, USA. JHSF is one of the most prominent real estate industry in brazil. This company manages all the aspect (at every level) other than only having top notch real estate characters. They manage homes, living spaces, hotels located near shopping malls and the luxurious restaurants near airports are also managed by them. José Auriemo Neto is the present chairman and CEO of JHSF.

The company has experience in four sectors of business, which are a shopping mall, the Fasano hotel (fancy luxury hotels), VIP airport along with other top-notch spaces. The company is famous for its different strategy making most of the profit; they have different strategies which includes using new and untouched business opportunities. They deliver unique and diverse operational methods and also make sure that the solutions they advise are sustainable and is best for the client and his own business. JHSF keeps them updated and focuses on all aspects as the real estate company faces a lot of ups and downs because of the global market. The company is always up to date and offers good packages appealing greater masses.

JHSF has been successful from its start; this is why it’s one of the trustworthy organization in the real estate market and has signed a partnership with a lot international and national fashion brands, some of are very well known such as Hermes, Jimmy Choo, Gucci and much more. JHSF is growing day by day and has recently opened a Red Valentino brand in Brazil as well. This company worked privately and had started a new company named IPO in 2007 which was a great success as well.

Neto is the head of the operations of the company, he started working with JHSF in 1993 and was at different appointments before becoming the Chairman and CEO of JHSF. He is also the brand ambassador and prominent member of Fasano hotels.

Because of his talent, hard work, capabilities, and leadership qualities the company has reached the top. He has changed the strategies, and enable more opportunities to make more profit.

Why You Should Be Drinking Waiakea Water

It is a common saying that water is life. According to scientific evidence, a person can survive for three weeks without food but only for a maximum of three days without water. However, in as much as water is essential for sustenance, it is also imperative that you only drink clean and boiled water. Doing the above not only helps keep your body hydrated but also protects you from water-borne diseases. Thus, it is a company like Waiakea that has the potential to offer you clean and potable water.

Waiakea was created primarily to provide people with the opportunity to consume naturally delicious water while simultaneously having access to clean water. As of now, Waiakea has grown into an international company, donating a portion of its proceeds in support of local communities residing in Africa. Recently, Waiakea decided to partner with Pump Aid to help boost the volume of clean water available for use in Malawi. Ever since Waiakea stepped foot in Malawi, the under five mortality rate has decreased mainly because of an increase in the amount of clean water needed for drinking and sanitation purposes.

Since 2014, Waiakea has been working closely with Pump Aid to sink wells and install pumps and other machinery to pave the way for the water extraction and purification process. Waiakea has become the water brand of choice primarily because the water in use gets sourced from a natural and alkaline source. Unlike any other water packaging company, Waiakea discourages the use of plastic bottles for containment purposes but has since resulted in the use of eco-conscious packaging. Above all, Waiakea water is rich in naturally occurring minerals like potassium, magnesium, sodium, and calcium, all which happen to be essential for the healthy growth of the human body. With a balanced pH value of 7.8, Waiakea’s alkaline properties help reduce the level of acidity in the body. By all means, Waiakea is the brand of water to go for mainly because it has fewer impurities and chemicals.

Kate Hudson’s Successful Fabletics

Who doesn’t want to own a huge fashion company? Pop culture made fashion the new high point for many of the younger generations. The harsh reality is fashion is the hardest industry to succeed in; depending on each idea of success. For most, success means fame and money. If that’s the case, fashion may not be the industry for them.

Like many industries today, online shopping changed the economic goals of companies. When it comes to the fashion e-commerce market, Amazon controls 20 percent of the entire market.

In just three years, Kate Hudson grew a $250 million business. Fabletics focuses on created fashionable activewear for the modern health-conscious workforce. Activewear, also called athleisure wear, is most popular amongst millennials, who are health conscious and love being able to leave the gym and go out and be social in what they’re currently wearing.

Part of making customers happy these days is all about the razzle-dazzle. It’s not enough for a company to have good prices and quality goods or services. That may have worked in the past, but that’s no longer a guarantee for success. Modern brands need to offer modern features.

Today’s consumers want more from their favorite brands, or they’ll find new favorite brands. That’s why it seems like much of today’s culture is a fad; today’s consumer moves on very quickly. To keep up with today’s trends, companies need to wow their consumers with better customer experiences and brand recognition.

Even with today’s hectic economy, Fabletics found a way to introduce physical stores into their brand. Opening a physical store may seem like an old tactic, but it’s paying off for Fabletics. Fabletics figured a way to reverse people’s offline browsing habits. As a result, 25 percent of people walk into a Fabletics store end up becoming members right then.

According to a non-sponsored reviewer, Fabletics is totally worth the money spent. She bought a pair of leggings and was amazed by the compression quality. The material was thick, held its shape, and hasn’t faded to this day. She was also amazed at the huge variety of styles; everything from basic tanks with solid colors to sheer fabrics and bold patterns.

If anyone is interested in checking out Fabletics, they can start with Fabletic’s lifestyle quiz.